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****NEW Improv Class – Happy Hour After Work for 21 & older

I almost hate to call this a class. It will be very educational, but so much fun, you will barely realize how much your learning while playing, networking, and consuming beverages and light snacks. QUICK LINK for DISCOUNT REGISTRATION via … Continue reading

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Why Mariah Carey was so Bad on New years Eve

I have been ranting on Twitter on and off since New Year’s Eve about the fiasco with Mariah Carey’s performance. Not for the same reasons most gossip and so-called news outlets have kept the conversation alive. I turned off the … Continue reading

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BIG CHOICES – BIG VOICES Moving Improv Scenes Forward

BIG CHOICES – BIG VOICES Moving Improv Scenes Forward by discovering your characters’ worlds. BIG CHOICES PDF – download and printable 1-pager BIG CHOICES – BIG VOICES When you break it down, Improv becomes a series of choices. After years of … Continue reading

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Coping with “NO” as a “YES! And” Artist

I write this blog with all of my students and colleagues in mind. We do amazing work in class, rehearsal and on stage. Inside our insular bubble we create an amazing world of support, that leads to great creativity. But … Continue reading

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COMEDY 4 KIDS Winter Session Starts this Saturday

CLICK HERE for upcoming classes for kids, teens & adults. Our COMEDY 4 TEENS class is virtually sold out. In fact we are adding a second teacher this weekend. Those programs are packed because of a simple reality. OUR KIDS … Continue reading

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Exceptionally Average Stand-Up Comedy with Robert Punchur, Paul Emrich…

  JANUARY 15 8pm JANUARY 22 8pm “Exceptionally Average” in RED ROOM at the Broadway Comedy Club with Robert Punchur, Paul Emrich, Greg Radin, Sassi, Tracey Hassel, Daniel Laitman, Kyle Lewis, Pumpkin Escobar, Jocelyn Chi, Todd Montesi COVER $10 plus 2 Item … Continue reading

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