Emotional Zoom Classroom or Meeting

Emotional Zoom Classroom or Meeting From the book IMPROV on ZOOM by WALT FRASIER available FREE via KindleUnlimited.

Emotional Zoom Classroom or Meeting

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This game is a twist on the classic, Hitchhiking Emotions. I changed this game to Emotional Carpool, so as not to teach kids about hitchhiking. My colleague, Elizabeth Lord, used to play Bus Stop for similar reasons.

By any name, kids love playing the emotions, getting a little chaotic at the climax. I have seen many shy students open-up. This is also a great way to teach students to play a broader emotional range in all scenes and story games.

We started playing Emotional Zoom Meeting early on during Quarantine. It was a hit at online corporate events. Just recently we floored group teachers, de-stressing after their first week back planning for Fall 2020. Over the summer, I created Emotional Zoom Classroom, to be more relatable to students.

Regardless of the name or scene set-up, the game plays the same. We typically play this game with four players, but there is no limit.

Start with a class subject for Emotional Classroom, discussion focus for Emotional Meeting, or destination for the car/bus.

Each player is assigned an emotion. One player starts alone on stage. Every time a new player enters the scene, their emotion takes over the scene. The scene climaxes with all the players vying to share their emotional journal. Then one by one, in reverse order, players excuse themselves. The emotion of the scene also reverses retrospectively.


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