January Comedy Classes Kids, Teens, Adults

Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius! We look forward to returning to Times Square soon – currently aiming for 4/1/20. Until then we will continue our popular online options. Sign up today for HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!!! January Comedy Classes and start dropping in to end of December Sessions for FREE

QUICK LINKS January Comedy Classes

  • Mondays 8pm Stand-Up Comedy 60-minute open mic type session plus coaching on developing original material, performance techniques and getting stage time.
  • Tuesdays 8pm Improv 101 All Level Game Play Adults (16+ Welcome)
  • Wednesdays 8pm Improv 201 Advanced Improv Techniques Adults (16+ Welcome)
  • Saturdays 2pm Improv 301 Long Form Improv Comedy
  • Sunday-Thursday 6-7pm Comedy 4 Teens ALL LEVELS
  • Sunday-Thursday 5-6pm Comedy 4 Kids ALL LEVELS
  • ADVANCED LEVEL Classes for Teens (Saturday 12pm and Sunday 1pm) Currently sold out. If your teen is ready for advanced level work, contact us and we can get you into those sessions on a case by case basis.

RATES for above classes, $75/month ONE Class weekly, $125 unlimited drop in for your classes in your age group/skill level (Advanced students can drop in ALL LEVELS classes to play).


New to Improv comedy? No problem. We allow new students to drop into our entry level classes anytime. The key to learning how improvise and use Improv in your every day life is simply playing the games.

Many students stay at the 101 level for months and years. Unlike many other arts, you continue to learn and develop simply by playing the games. The 101 level classes are not remedial in any way.

These classes can be enjoyed by first time players, but also experienced performers just looking to play. Every time you play a game you are building your skills in creative writing, critical thinking, team dynamics, public speaking, and self confidence.

If you are serious about learning improv in a more intense setting, and you have some experience with us or other schools, we recommend our advanced level courses. We still have a ton of fun, but in these classes we have fun being intense. If looking for a more laid back setting, stick with the 101 classes. By intense, we mean, we are very serious about being silly. We are looking to grow digging deeper into our character work, developing stories, and creating picturesque settings with our pantomime and imaginations. These classes are for those looking for a career in performing, teaching and producing comedy, as well as amateurs interested in deeper study.

However, unlike many schools, we will not hold you back at the 101 level. If you have been with us and want to dig deeper the option is yours. For teens, we ask you to realize this means being a little more mature. For all this means preparing to take the plunge into more artistic discovery of self and others as well as the skills and techniques.

With more advanced work we learn there is so much beyond the laughs. We submerge ourselves into new new worlds through character and story.

Bottom line to all of the above babble, we want YOU to experience our classes in the best way possible that is rewarding to YOU. We will only make adjustments and request you enlist in a certain class if we feel your work is having adverse affect on you or other students. Otherwise we encourage you to be where you feel most comfortable and get the most out of your time with us.

Improv 4 Kids
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