Interactive Campus Activities

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious interactive musical comedy improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. Unless otherwise requested, all shows are PG / PG13 clean for the whole campus.

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EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy show has played the big stages (500+ seats) of Syracuase, Princeton, Georgetown, Vaughn, Molloy University, Montclaire State University, Bloomberg College,  High Point University, Williams College, Lynchburg College, Southern New Hampshire University, Ferris State, Mount Isa, Misericordia, Seton Hall, Sacred Heart, Hastings College…

Also great for smaller campus events such as the Charter House and smaller Greek events at Princeton University, University of Maryland and Georgetown University.

The show most commonly has played numerous mid size campus activities, turning 100-200 seat lounges into comedy clubs at Pace University, Vaughn, College Misericordia, University of Vermont, Mount Ida College, Stone Hill University, etc.

And we have hosted groups at our NYC Theater from Yeshiva University, Columbia University, NYU, Hofstra University, Cooper Union, John Jay College, Fordham University etc.

The Show

Every show starts with our MC, Walt Frasier (International TV, comedy and theater credits includes HBO, MTV, Letterman, Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pain etc) warming up the crowd and introducing improvisation followed by a improvised opening song.

Then every 4-5 minutes Walter is interacting directly with students to get suggestions for the next skit or song. Many games (every skit and song in improv is called a game) require audience participation. Sound Effects has two students on the microphone backing up the pros making the live stage into a hollywood movie soundtrack. Human MadLibs let’s students fill in the blanks, shouting out words and phrases. Freeze Frame gets 5-20 on stage (depending on space allotted) for a mannequin challenge of sorts, as our players narrate a mock slide show for a famous historical event, some past campus activity etc.

Sometimes we invite campus Improv troupes on stage to play with the pros, or do an opening set. We love to prop up local troupe.

Music is a huge element in these shows, often rocking out on a blues, musical story telling through an Irish Jig or event a full mini mock Broadway musical.

Technical Requirements

Main stage shows require full sound, four to five wireless head mount or lapel microphones and a piano/keyboard on stage.

For less than 200 students, we only need a small PA with 2-3 microphones. A piano/keyboard is awesome but we can also perform with our own guitar/uke.

For even smaller, intimate rooms, we don’t even need a stage. 3-4 of us and a ukulele can rock out groups of 50 or less.

Campus Workshops

Improv Comedy is amazing edutainment. Whether paired with a show or booked as a stand alone event, Improv workshops develop valuable life skills while spreading the laughs. We use these same workshops in the corporate world to teach team/community, leadership, sales and service skills. These workshops would be a powerful addition to any curriculum or to help build student leadership teams. While a ton of fun, students develop self confidence, self awareness, public speaking, creativity, critical thinking, listening, focus and more.

We also have more advance programs to deliver to theater students. Improvisation is a major tool for actors. Our teaching artists have all worked in a rioted theater and TV/Film. Improv Masterclass would include industry q&a (aka how to find work as an actor).


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