CITY HALL: A MURDER Mystery Dinner Party

Looking for something fun and interactive for your next event? Our professional trained interactive comedic actors will lead your guests down a mysterious path. The real fun starts when your guests break into teams to decide WHO committed the murder, as well as HOW & WHY. EMAIL for more information, dates and rates. Providing professional event entertainment since to NYC since 2002.

Who said, ” You can’t beat city hall?”

Well someone certainly tried. On the eve of his reelection the Mayor (or council member) is found deceased. Everyone at your party is a suspect and will also be recruited to help solve the crime. These are dark days, but our detective will help solve lead your guests through a night of laughs and WHODUNNIT.

Hire one actor to play detective with your guests as the suspects, or have our full team of four or more actors playing fun characters lead the way.



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