Educational Outreach for K-12 Schools

Since 2002, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented of 5000 shows for K-12 schools via field trips at the Times Square theater or touring assemblies, after schools and evening programming. The shows are hailed as the “best assemblies ever at our school!’ These shows are memorable and fun. And they offer tremendous educational options. We also perform for clubs, theaters, summer camps, community centers and family organizations.

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“COMEDY” is “COOL”. “COMEDY” refers to our favorite TV shows, movies and comedy talent. We teach the same valuable skills as any theater program, but simply by using the term Improv “COMEDY” we reach the widest possible audience. Students from the inner most city and highest ranking private schools equally love and respond to comedy. We all use COMEDY to deal with stress and hardship. We open the door with COMEDY and teaching students how to be great comedians, we teach Cultural Arts, Language Arts and Character Building. We break down walls and then build leaders and community.

Improv Comedy gets everyone involved. Everyone benefits. We focus on making our peers look good. No Divas. No Stars. No Resentment. We are one big team creating stories and laughs. We support each other and we benefit when our peers succeed.


“A Production you and your children don’t want to miss!” ABC NEWS NY

The interactive musical comedy shows are incredibly entertaining. They engage kids of all ages like no other program touring K-12 schools. The cast never talks down to kids. Instead they perform wonderful characters and create amazing stories right in front of your eyes. And by holding the student’s attention, students engage in some very important educational elements without even realizing they are learning something important. But the results are seen in every class from Language Arts to math, science and social studies.



Improv by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens) combines elements of classical literature, theater, music, dance and even poetry. The players take suggestions from the audience and create original theater and music on the spot. A typical show will include some Shakespeare, Jazz, Broadway and even some Opera. And the shows incorporate students on stage in many of the theater games. With the help of study guides the show demonstrates public speaking (projection, diction) and creative writing and thinking. But even more important, learning how to LISTEN and FOCUS as an artist create better students. Students engage in their other classes as they better learn how to learn.


Great Improv is first and foremost story telling. The cast writes, directs and performs original works. With our shows and study guides alone, we discover how to create original stories. This brings the process of analyzing books and stories and class to life. In Improv parts of the story are broken down into WHO, WHERE and WHAT. We discuss exposition of characters and setting leading to a rising action and climax. We develop great brainstorming techniques and


Improv requires a strong sense of team. Performing requires a conquering of fears. Both build strong leaders and community.

Many of the problems facing the world – and our school communities – start with individual insecurity. Most students that bully their peers are acting out because of their own insecurities. Most bully victims fear their world. Self confident individuals are less likely to be bullies or victims.

The world is a scary place. And many of our students (and adults) live in perpetual fear. And that fear is as disabling as a physical deformity, if not worse.

Conquering fear leads to students that are confident to read and talk in class. Confident students participate in discussion and activities. They take chances and learn from mistakes.


We highly recommend booking a show with a workshop. Our study guides help teachers take the next step after seeing our shows, but working with our teaching artists for 30-60 minutes reinforces the skills introduced.

Each workshop is tailored to the students. Depending on their experience we play a series of warm-up, technique and performance games to introduce the Improv art form.

But right from the first game, we are all about building leaders and community.

“YES! And…” is rule number one. We emphasize the importance of listening and responding positively to every offer form our team mates. And the entire class is one big team. The team requires all to participate and all to support one another to succeed.

From the first game, we tear down walls of fear. We inspire students to smile, face the audience, project, listen and focus. We tell students to make EYE CONTACT with audience and scene partners. And because we are having fun, it does not seem like work or painful experience.

Teachers and parents are always amazed as to which students break out of their shells. Students that have never spoken in class even once, jump into action.

Conversely, class clowns and other that perhaps are known for speaking too often in class, are required to bring focus into the group. And many of our previous behaviorally challenged students now have an out for their overly creative comments. In school where we run weekly and daily classes, we have had students say, “I don’t feel the need for acting silly in class because I can save it for Improv.”


We have two sorts of residencies.

1) Our teaching artists present a series of basic workshops for the entire student body.

We work well with Language Arts, Fine Arts, Guidance or Social Studies departments to bring the basic skill sets and inspire Creativity, Community and Leadership. One teacher can handle 10-30 students in a session (<20 ideal). In some master class settings we have handled larger groups, but like any course study, teacher – student ratio greatly effects individual learning ability.

2) Our teaching artist present a progressive course study with the same group of students weekly or daily.

We have programs that mimic our public class programs all over the city. Teachers work with the same groups of kids in school, after school and even on weekends at JCCs, YMCAs and other community / religious organizations. Students from these programs become leaders in the school. We have programs lasting 4-15 weeks all over the New York City Area. In some schools, students are receive high school credit for FINE ART or ENGLISH ELECTIVE. We have even hired a few of these students to become full time cast members, interns and teacher assistants.

Every class involves warm-up and technique games that teach all of the valuable life and performance skills. Students learn a number of performance games and present a showcase performance for friends and family. We always recommend the performance element as it gives a goal to work towards completing.


These programs have two primary functions. But just like with students, we use comedy to break down walls and build programs. At first our workshops for students, teachers, corporate clients and even professional performers all start the same. Then we dive deeper attacking the individual challenges for each group.

1) Team Building and Skills Development for you teaching staff.

We teach Improv workshops for corporate clients all the time. We teach valuable communication skills and tackle many work place issues. Through role play we can work on teacher-student, teacher-parent, teacher-teacher, teachers-admin relationships. We even have teachers work in teams to develop skits that portray common issues and than open up discussion.

2) Teach your teachers how to use the games we teach in their class room.

Teacher tell us all the time how they use Improv to help teach every subject. Language and Cultural Arts are more obvious with performance, story telling and public speaking skills. But even history and science teachers say they will use Improv for student to role play famous historical figures and scientist so that students can better relate to great men and women long since gone. And using a few fun warm-up games like ZIP ZAP ZUP relaxes students before some tricky math problems. Improv is a useful tool to distress and for demonstration.


Our Times Square area theater is centrally located and a popular destination for groups from the city, Long Island, Upstate, New Jersey and Connecticut. We have groups from all over the world (mostly US and Canada) visiting every year when in town to see Broadway and other New York attractions. Book with us directly or ask your tour-booker to call us to schedule show and / or workshop with our talented teaching artists. We are a popular destination for school choir and theater groups.

Seeing our show at our home theater is very exciting to students. Watching students enter the theater is always exciting. Many have never seen a professional show in New York before and their reaction to the stage and lights alone is priceless. We offer Off Broadway quality entertainment at a fraction of the cost so once the show starts students, teachers and parents alike are always surprised as we surpass all expectations.

Field Trip Program Options 

SHOWS or WORKSHOP 60-90 minutes
SHOWS and WORKSHOP 2-3 hours
Lunch and dinner options – whether at private or public shows we can cater lunch options like Pizza Parties for as little as $10pp.  As a comedy club we have very inexpensive options as well as high end catering for corporate functions. We allow daytime groups to brown bag it as well and eat in the theater. Many special needs groups (Kosher etc) cater their own meals as needed.

Student Groups at public shows

For as low as $10pp we can host a group at our private / public shows. For more in price email SGF PRODUCTIONS at Be sure to include group size, dates and special needs to speed up the quote process. The public shows are a great inexpensive option to traditional Broadway and Off-Broadway. The private shows can include the same educational elements as our touring assembly programs.

ON TOUR at Schools, Camps and Non-Profits

Our shows and workshops tour nationwide. We have a New York area company that weekly plays city schools and surrounding counties. Our touring company regularly travels DC to Boston and even as far as the Carolinas, Nebraska and Maine. We are already on the approved lists for many districts.