LMAO 2015 #lmaonyc

Our 2015 video project is well under way. 365 videos in 365 days will include original sketch and VLOGs from the cast members of LMAO. On some playlists are additional videos form the group inlcuding live clips from shows, learning to improvise and more…


LMAO performs every Saturday at 8pm at the Broadway Comedy Club and tours nationwide to clubs, theaters, colleges and corporate events.

LMAO 2015 Week 18 – Annoying

LMAO 2015 Week 17 – Parody

LMAO 2015 WEEK 16 – Creepy Things

LMAO 2015 WEEK 15 – Celebrity

LMAO 2015 WEEK 14

LMAO 2015 WEEK 13

Steven Prestia is BATMAN, Andrew & Brian THINGS FRIENDS SHOULDN’T SAY, Pat & Andy THANK YOU MTA, Walt & Laurice celebrate X-FILES return to FOX, Amelia’s latest NYC Second. and VIDEO from MARCH 14 Student Showcases

LMAO 2015 WEEK 12


LMAO 2015 WEEK 11

Andy & Pat review Apple Watch;  A HAND JOB by Liz lord; LMAO RHYME; Andrew Gets a Haircut; GREETING CARDS with STEVEN; HOBO SPACE BRAWL GAMEPLAY

LMAO 2015 WEEK 10

WEIRD GAMER with Andrew; Animal Sounds Challenge; LEGEND OF ZELDA auditions with Pat; HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE; STEVEN is MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY; ICEBERGS on the HUDSON; Walter’s first Bike Ride of 2015

LMAO 2015 WEEK 9

Pat & Andy save Duck Tales, Andrew’s Road Rage Tips, Funny Words with Ariel, Liz as Luchador Prepares, Walt’s Quiz – PAST LIFE?, Amelia voices the RUNAWAY LLAMA inner monologue, LMAO OSCAR PARTY live feed

LMAO 2015 WEEK 8

Celebrity Boob Name quiz with Walter, Blizzard Grief with Andrew, Frozen Cereal Review with Pat, NEW YORK SECOND with Amelia, MORE SECRETS with Liz, Steven v Chocolates, How to Play ONE WORD STORY

LMAO 2015 WEEK 7

Fan Facts about Abraham Lincoln with Pat, DID NOT SEE THAT COMING with Andrew, Billboard’s Top 5 by Walter, Grammy LIVE STREAM with Laurice, NEW YORK SECOND with Amelia, BIRD CALLS with Steven, and POOP the Movie

LMAO 2015 WEEK 6

X-FILES Quotes with Laurice, NEW YORK SECOND with Amelia, Surviving Winter in Florida by Andrew, THEME PARKS! by Walter, SMASH BROs obsessed with Pat, SECRETS with Liz, Musical Pondering with Ariel

LMAO 2015 WEEK 5

POP STAR challenge, IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND, HOTEL SCAVENGE with Pat, Birthday memories with Andrew, ROAD TRIP by Walter, NEW YORK SECOND with Amelia, SECRETS with LIZ

LMAO 2015 WEEK 4

STAR WARS VII, MY DIARY with Pat, LMAO HORROR, A$$HOLERY PSA by Laurice, NEW YORK SECOND with Amelia, INSULT GRUDGE MATCH, Suffering for Art with Pat, LIVE IMPROV SHWO clip Crazy Socks

LMAO 2015 WEEK 3

CELEBRITY IMPERSONATIONS Challenge, BAD ACCENT Challenge, Audition Video by Andrew, 2015 Oscar Prediction by Pat, Annoying Singing Roomate by Ariel, SUZIE by Walter, GOLDEN GLOBES live stream, XFILES SERIES?

LMAO 2015 WEEK 2

TOO SOON with Walter, LMAO Vines, HOLIDAYS ARE OVER! with Laurice, SUPER MARIO gaming, JIMMY’s WORLD with Walter, How to improvise: Irish Drinking Game, How to Play: ZIP ZAP ZUP

LMAO 2015 WEEK 1

CHAOS on the ROAD, SANTA RECAPS / SINGS top 2014 hits, BEING THE FAT KID, PARTY TIME with Walter, TOYS! with Walter