ONLINE COMEDY CLASS: Brainstorming Details

Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!

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CLASS TWO: Brainstorming Details

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Details” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.

C. PRIVATE COACHING SESSION #2Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain and start to formulate an actual routine out of this new information.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time. Again, don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE your story. LISTEN to yourself.

E. Journal the experience of class two brainstorming , process and performance.

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