ONLINE COMEDY CLASS: Brainstorming Ideas

CLASS ONE: Brainstorming Ideas

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Even if you have an idea of what you want to write, we want you to learn our process. Professional writers cannot wait for inspiration. They need to create for a living. Our process is a way to keep you moving when writer’s block holds you back. With this method you should never say, I have nothing to say. You always have something to say. But if you are not prepared and/or put on the spot you lock up you mental process. Be methodical. Do one step at a time. learn to use Improvisation and crowd interaction to build a routine and a larger comedy set.

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Ideas” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.

C. NOW Complete the worksheet, brainstorming ideas based on the prompts. There is no wrong. Never edit. Never judge while you brainstorm. Just “vomit” ideas onto the paper. Don’t limit yourself to what’s on the page. Start a journal. DAILY Fill it with pages of observations, experiences and comedy ideas.

This will be your first online open mic session for this course. The other students may be doing their first session, their second or their 100th. When it is your turn just focus on your work. You will have 2-3 minutes to share your ideas. At this stage of the game, just read off some of the things on your list. If you want, you can tell us a bit about what happened. Don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE. There will be some minimal feedback. When it is another comic’s turn, be a great audience. Learn from each other. Be supportive of each other. Remember, Comics are never allowed to be hecklers (This is a small community. Don’t burn bridges at your first class lol)

E. Journal the experience of class one brainstorming , process and performance.

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain. Review your notes before starting grup session.

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