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ALMOST. At this point think about those words on a shampoo bottle.

A. Go back to CLASS THREE worksheets. From now on, EVERY TIME you get on stage with this same material, the goal is to make it even FUNNIER. How can you improve the material? How can you improve your presentation of the material?

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. Before the next group session, re-outline your routine with the changes.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time.

SHOWTIME? Why the question mark?

Well, it’s always showtime for a comic. Every open mic should be treated like a show. Every show should be treated like a rehearsal.

What do we mean by that?

On one hand, bring your top gun focus to every moment on stage. If you treat rehearsals and open mics and other practice type sessions as real shows, you will develop your performance skills faster.

And no show is a true end product, expect MAYBE a video special, right? Until you retire a routine for good, it is in constant state of flux. EVERY TIME you get on stage change something – A word, a phrase, add a new moment of funny, change the order of bits around…

The creative process is a 24/7 process. If you don’t change things, the bits get tired. If you are constantly changing thing you may never find a stable footing as a comic.

BOTTOM LINE this process is about finding your self and your comic persona. Over time you will develop bits that match you are.

AS YOU CHANGE, and you will change, going from student to amatuer/open mic comic ot pro comic in the clubs to arena stages to LIVE TV shows etc etc etc

And as you get older bits may stop working for you. As you change what you relate to changes.


The primary class is over. If your time permits and we have space, we invite you to join additional online sessions during your planned class time. Or sign up for another session and let’s create new material together. A professional stand-up comic does the above routine EVERY week.

At the time this is written, you may not have a way to perform live. Schools are closed. Clubs are closed. When things get back to normal we invite you to join us in Times Square for a show. If not in/near New York City, find a talent show at school or local theater/club that hosts showcases for students your age.

Either way, and for now, we recommend shooting a video of your work. Post it on youtube, IGTV, TIKTOK (if under a minute), Twitter (if under two minutes) etc.

Send us a link and we will share in our network.