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See LIVE Comedy Tonight

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In addition to our shows, this site features three comedy clubs (more coming soon), offering discounts on four to twenty shows every day including Improv Comedy, Stand-up comedy and even Magic shows and the occasional cabaret.


See LIVE Comedy Tonight

QUICK LINKS- Pay $20-30 at the door.  Just $5 via links below
TWO DRINK MINIMUM per guest at all shows unless otherwise listed. These rates are better than our own groups sales. For VIP concierge service for corporate groups, ETC email us directly CLICK HERE. But if you just want to treat the office and / or friends, or have a fun date night, use links below to save 75-80% off on cover fees use the links below..

How do they do this?

A brief history of Street team comedy tickets

Have you ever been harassed on the street, “Do you like comedy?”

Times Square is littered with hustlers peddling comedy tickets. (Just avoid CD guys 💯 scammers) Most comedy ticket sellers are legit even if they do lie about the actual comics on the show. A few are total scammers.

Comedy clubs want a full house of folks buying drinks. Clubs started using Street teams to sell tickets about fifteen to twenty years ago. $20 got you a book of 8-10 tickets. Soon that become 4 tickets for twenty.

Too many amateur shows at local bars were confusing tourists and taking audiences away from the real clubs. So they organized teams.

Then things got weird. At some point Dane Cook was appearing at every club at the same time. He was not even in town. Then it was Any Schumer. Then one club got greedy. Then some team leaders got greedy. The result was total chaos.

Here is the deal. The street street sellers are independent of the clubs. The clubs depend upon them to keep the doors open. But they are not regulated. And when a rogue con man starts printing bogus tickets, there is very little the consumer or the club can do.

The Times Square Alliance and city try to help by requiring sellers have certain permits etc. But this has stopped the comedy hustlers or the Broadway scalpers.

I can’t tell you the number of times tourists from around the world come to the club asking, are these tickets legit. They already have a guy they will never see again a wad of cash.  is a low pressure, easy access option. They never lie about Line-Ups. They have a relationship with multiple clubs. They are cheaper than the street sales team as well. Still $5 for every ticket, like Street teams from 2005. Some sellers are getting $30 for $20 tickets from unsuspecting tourists with fake promises of VIP seating.

Broadway and Off Broadway have been using similar sites for decades (even before internet) to help fill seats. Thanks to the internet we no longer have to wait in line at TKTS to get discounts. Simply pop over to or Or try for more live events and activities. We sell our tickets on many of those platforms to help fill seats.

What is great about comedy clubs, if you buy discount tickets and arrive at the show early you can get front row seats.

Warning: New York City has the best and worst of everything. Comedy Clubs have a number of shows, usually early evening, where up and coming talent showcase, or open mics where even the pros work out new material. New York has the best stand up comedy in the world. Don’t judge the scene by that one show your coworker begged you to see them perform. Lol The real shows at New York comedy clubs are the best in the world!!! will sometimes blog about non pro shows. They are very clear when the show is an amateur “showcase” or open mic of non professionals. These are services to help young talent find their way in the biz, trying to help artist’s avoid scams, much the way they want you to do the same with fake tickets and false info about line ups.



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