Improv 4 Kids ONLINE shows & classes 4 Schools, Community Centers, Families

Since 2003 Improv 4 Kids by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented 1000s of shows for K12 schools, camps, community centers and family events hosting shows at our Times Square, NYC Theater and touring nationwide. Now the team offers shows & workshops online!

  • NYC Field Trips – Hosting bus loads of k12 students
  • Public Shows – Smaller groups attending our Times Square shows
  • Touring Company performing at local theaters, libraries, community centers
  • School Assemblies – Edutainment teaching cultural arts, creative arts and character building
  • Workshops – Using Improv to teach creativity, public speaking and self confidence
  • Residencies – Developing improv teams and comedy clubs in schools
  • Professional Development – Teaching teachers to use comedy and be more confident as well as corporate style team building.


Since March 2020 we have logged 1000s of hours teaching/performing on ZOOM and other platforms. We expect to continue this trend through April 2021.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Whether through shows or workshops, students need the laughter for hope and purpose. We make school fun.

Along the way Improv teaches creative writing, critical thinking, team dynamics, public speaking/presentation skills, self confidence, listening, focus, respect etc etc etc. Simply playing these games teaches empathy.


On zoom we can host up to 90 students (100ppl max minus cast and teachers) in one show, which is about the same as most of our Times Square field trips (2-3 classes, 50-90). The shows are HIGHLY interactive. Students, instead of screaming out suggestions for scenes, type ideas into the chat. A few students are invited to participate in the games themselves, directly steering the course of scenes and stories. We approximate the club experience of a Times Square field trip better than most would expect, and provide more intimacy than the typical school assembly.


On zoom we recommend no more than 10 students/teacher (8 is ideal). With Breakout rooms we can work with multiple classes and teachers at once. We can work with more if budget and timing demands but like any education teacher/student ratio reflects quality of outcome.

With 1000s of hours logged teaching K12 students, Walt Frasier, artistic director of Improv 4 Kids and EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH wrote a book, two actually, published via Amazon in September. Read “Improv on Zoom” and/or “Stand-Up Comedy” for FREE via KindleUnlimited. Just $7.99 for the paperback or Kindle edition.

As stated in the book “Improv on Zoom” by Walt Frasier, we have designed our classes to work online. We have adjusted games to best teach the skills and keep students engaged.


One-off workshops introduce the art form to students. While playing games we impart some life skills and wisdom to further inspire greatness as students. Working with the pros, we teach why listening and focus is so important, beyond keeping teachers and parents sane. We inspire students to project their voices, using better diction. After all jokes that are unheard or comprehended, are not funny. Students from our residencies and pubic classes develop into leaders ready to command an audience with the sound of their voice and the trained movement of their physical communication skills.


Most importantly, and our proudest achievement, is seeing shy students break down walls and come out of their shells. EVERY class we teach, the host teacher or principal or PTA parent would remark, I never expected THAT student to get involved. We create a safe space to play which encourages the shyest among us to play. Over time, through residencies and public classes our students learn to truly be confident, not just over compensate for insecurities with ego and arrogance.


While all theater arts teaches presentation and self confidence, Improv stands out in its ability to teach other academics. Improvisation requires creative writing skills. Even in our shows and one-off workshops, we inspire students to get interested in story, becoming more curious about language arts classes. In our residencies and public classes, our students develop creative writing and critical thinking. They learn to pop out original characters, pantomime and discover setting, and build action (Story arc/plot). In some classes we combine Improv with Stand-Up Comedy so we can further codify these skills with actual writing. Students learn to use Improv to beat writer’s block. This passion for story telling reflects in the student’s respect for the classics – getting more curious about novels, plays, poems and short stories discussed on class.

Interested in more information. EMAIL Walt Frasier for dates & rates of our online programs. We can also have you audit one of our online classes or shows to see our teacher artists at work. NYC DOE VENDORS

January ONLINE Comedy Classes

  • Mondays 8pm Stand-Up Comedy 60-minute open mic type session plus coaching on developing original material, performance techniques and getting stage time.
  • Tuesdays 8pm Improv 101 All Level Game Play Adults (16+ Welcome)
  • Wednesdays 8pm Improv 201 Advanced Improv Techniques Adults (16+ Welcome)
  • Saturdays 2pm Improv 301 Long Form Improv Comedy
  • Sunday-Thursday 6-7pm Comedy 4 Teens ALL LEVELS
  • Sunday-Thursday 5-6pm Comedy 4 Kids ALL LEVELS
  • ADVANCED LEVEL Classes for Teens (Saturday 12pm and Sunday 1pm) Currently sold out. If your teen is ready for advanced level work, contact us and we can get you into those sessions on a case by case basis.


The all professional cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH presents hilarious interactive musical comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. We recreate the club magic on ZOOM with high energy. No two drink minimum, but we turn any room of yours into a comedy club. CLICK HERE for tickets to online shows. See you back in Times Square ASAP!!!

  • January 7 GUTTER BALLS! Walt Frasier hosts 10-year reunion from Off Broadway Run featuring current and former fan faves!
  • January 14 Dolphin Surprise Party! Amelia Fowler hosts hilarious comediennes and a dolphin is sure to make an appearance.
  • January 21 LMAO 2020 in Review! Samuel Van Wyk heads a cast of our top players.
  • January 28 ABSENT MINDED COMEDY R-Rated comedy uncensored hosted by Nathan Armstrong
Improv 4 Kids
Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens hosts field trips at our Times Square theater and tours Schools, Camps, Community Centers and private events nationwide.
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