January Adult Comedy Class Showcase

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Rates Breakdown

  • $25 for a single class. Register for any time you want to drop by
  • $75 One Class/Week – Pick one of the above options. Sign up any time as your first of four classes
  • $125 Unlimited Access. Want to play more often and need some laughs daily? Pop into as many classes as you like. We also have Thursday 8pm Shows FREE for students. Come hang out and want the professionals work. Select ANY date to process payment.


AS stated in his new book, Stand-Up Comedy, Walt Frasier has a four part method to developing new material.

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Flesh Out Details
  • Find the Funny
  • Outline Out Routines

At each stage we

  • PREPARE TO PERFORM – brainstorm, outline or otherwise organize our thoughts, visualize killing on stage
  • GET ON STAGE Simply have fun. Don’t try to be funny. Don’t try to be clever. JUST TALK.
  • ANALYZE OUR WORK – Tear the work apart – NEVER ourselves – identify the good, the bad, the ugly of our material and our performance. Do this IMMEDIATELY after performing while the experience is fresh. Review the tape (RECORD EVERY SET)

We run class like an open mic. Everyone gets 5 minutes or so to share some material. Get feedback form teacher and class. Learn from others as well. Notes to another student will often lend themselves to your work.

TUESDAYS 8pm IMPROV 101 with Walt Frasier

Improv Jam Session with Walt Frasier, artistic director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv. Each game we play builds a skill for your Improv work. many of the games can be used in shows. This class is accessible to brand new performers but also fun for season players just looking to play and keep the skills lose. Just playing these games develops and strengthens your skill.

WEDNESDAYS 8pm IMPROV 201 with Samuel Van Wyk

These classes are designed to go past improv basics. Through different drills, exercises and games, we’ll strengthen your improv skills. We’ll focus on improv techniques that will help you build richer characters, make stronger initiations, and raise the stakes of your scene work by making more dynamic choices.

SATURDAYS 2pm IMPROV 301 with Samuel Van Wyk

Each week Sam focuses on a particular Long Form style – Lo Ronde, Mono Scenes, Armando and more. Develop your vocabulary of various forms while building skills to sustain longer game play.


  1. It’s fun. Creating comedy is the one thing more fun than watching it.
  2. Self Confidence – Simply playing these games in our safe space builds confidence in self. Over come stage freight, social anxieties and general fear of the unknown that holds so many back.
  3. Public Speaking – Develop public speaking and leadership skills. Practice makes purpose.
  4. Team Skills – we use these same games to teach fortune 500 companies team building. Listen with a deeper focus.
  5. Creative Writing/Critical Thinking – William Fry, the humor guru from Stanford U, says comedy is the art of comparing things in bizarre ways. This builds a better brain. We teach story telling. Playing these games, one learns to think on their feet and out of the box.
Check out our books on comedy, now FREE via KindleUnlimited or just $7.99 via Kindle and Paperback on Amazon. CLICK IMAGE. These books are marketed to K12 young audiences ut valuable resources for all ages/levels of students, treachers and fans of comedy.
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