Improv 4 Kids Workshops Help K12 Schools Engage Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

For decades, Improv comedy helped foster a strong team centric atmosphere in the workplace. Since 2003, The Original Improv 4 Kids has used these same tools to bring psychological safety to students, teachers and parents through shows, workshops, residencies and professional development. Now more than ever, students need what Improv delivers. Social Emotional Learning will be key for students reengaging in person classes and society.

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  • Improv 4 Kids $800 ($300 online) is an interactive show that brings much needed laughter to your students and a message of team work, respect, listening and more. Four performers create a series of skits and songs improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. This show also is available for NYC field trips at our Times Square Theater. The show pairs well with cultural arts (music,theater), language arts (story telling, characters) and guidance/character building (Bullying, Leadership, Team etc).
  • SEL Improv Master Class $500, great for groups of 100 or less. Two teaching artists alternate workshop games and performance demonstration. Listening, emotion, self awareness and making great choices take center stage. Everyone is involved in 2-3 group workshop games. Every scene uses students on stage to help steer the action.
  • EMAIL is for a quote based on your location, number of shows/days etc. We also offer amazing district block bookings, week long residencies etc.


SEL is not something that happens over night. Our shows wonderfully introduce important concepts and get students excited about learning in a new way. But our workshops and residencies go much farther.

Improvisation IS Social Emotional Learning. Simply playing improv games teaches empathy, listening, team/community. The kids are just having fun playing games. We don’t demand they listen and respect. We teach them how to listen and respect each other, because they soon learn their scene work and story telling gets better.

Often we will go into a school and present workshops to the entire population, sending a teacher into every english class, PE or homeroom, or however it makes sense to schedule for your school.

In other schools we offer residencies, working with a single class to further develop their skills.

The real power is using our teaching artists for professional development workshops. Teaching the teachers how to use improv in their classroom expands the power of “YES! And…”.

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