K12 School Tour SEL Improv Comedy shows, workshops, residencies, professional development programs

Home of the Original Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens, New York Improv Theater has everything you need to help roll out SEL Social Emotional Learning in your school. Improv shows and workshops deliver what 1000s of books and lectures merely preach. The students have so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning valuable life skills. EMAIL for dates, rates and more information. We have delivered 6000+ k12 shows since 2002, plus workshops, residencies and professional development for teachers.

Touring Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey and beyond. NYC DOE VENDORS

November 2022 shows and workshops at James Madison High School, Brooklyn, NY

45-60 Minute shows

Our school assembly shows introduce Improvisation to the community, lining up with cultural arts (music, theater) language arts (story telling, creative writing) and character building (leadership, team, anti bully, SEL) programing.

Walt Frasier wakes up Dyker Heights Middle School November 2021

45-60 Minute Workshops

  • Our #1 Rule is to HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.
  • Improv #1 Rule YES! AND… is all about giving full support to your team, respecting everything they have to offer, who they are, their ideas etc. Psychological Safety is the #1 factor in team success. YES AND… Improv brings Psychological Safety to your community.
  • #1 Skill in Comedy LISTENING Listening with your eyes, listening with the willingness to change. Also the #1 skill in leadership.

Simply playing Improv games develops creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, self confidence, self awareness, listening, focus and more. Self Confident and self Aware students neither display bully or victim behaviors. Our students become leaders and community members. We use the same games to teach corporate groups team, leadership, sales and service.

Even in an all too quick workshop, we see student leap out of their shells. At every session, Teachers and parents remark, “I never expected that student to participate.”

Many students just need that moment, that spark, to realize they are allowed to have fun, and it’s not as scary as they thought to be on stage, taking a few social risks and showing the world what they have to offer. By creating a safe fun space through comedy games, we give many students that first moment of self worth they can take into every other class and the community.

comedy school
Since 2003 offering k12 classes and workshops. Our Times Square comedy school official opened in 2011.

Field Trips too!

Bronx High School students visit New York Improv Theater for show, workshop and pizza November 7, 2022

Bring your students to our Times Square NYC theater for the ultimate field trip experience. Great educational programming or just for fun, to get students out of the building while others are testing. We host groups year round. Summer camps too! EMAIL for dates, rates and more information.

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