What Is Acting? A brief description of our living art…

  • By Walt Frasier
  • “I created this for my students, many who have only studied acting through the lens of Improv and Stand Up comedy classes OR I am directing you at a school and have never studied our art. Any written description of our art always feel reductive to me. But sometimes it helps to something to connect backtoo, especially when lost in figuring out your own process. Many schools achieve teaching what we do i a number of different approaches.”

What Is acting?

Communication- we clearly communicate with our words, our action, our gestures, our glazes. We tell a story. We must be heard and understoo and seen, unless we are directed otherwise. Simply reciting memorized lines is not acting. 

Movement – we move around, discovering ourselves and our world in the space. On stage even sitting, sleeping or other stillness is an action.

Focus – We must listen with our eyes and be aware of ourselves and our world. Just like in life, our characters focus will change. 

Imagination- our creativity and curiosity is on fire. We re discover our world every performance.

Connection – we connect to our worlds, our fellow performers, objects and the audience.

Emotion – we feel for real. We don’t act emotions. But we are always feeling.

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