Referrals: What people say about Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens

We spend very little on marketing. Our business is strong thanks to repeat business and word of mouth. Here is what clients have told us over the years…

CLICK HERE for 2007 Article in Time Out New York Kids

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Summit School Queens

“Here’s my report:  OMG it was awesome!  Truly one of the best activities I’ve ever seen take place here at Summit!  We gave them a very large group of kids to work with, and they handled them wonderfully.  The way that they related to the kids was terrific, and the activities they led worked on so many pragmatic language skills in SUCH an effective way, including increasing the kids’ awareness of their bodies in space, body proximity, eye contact, voice, and generally how others perceive them from their non-verbal cues.  They also did word association and one-word stories that involved verbal expression and required kids to follow a story line. Almost all of the kids looked like they were having a fantastic time, and it was an activity where the shy kids could get to interact with others in a very structured (hence comfortable) way.  At the end I spoke to the three members of the improv group and raved about how great they were and told them the specific ways that the activities helped our students.  They asked me a number of questions, such as regarding how to handle various students’ behaviors, and we talked about upcoming activities.”  – Regarding shows, workshops and residencies – Lisa Palotti (Speech Teacher)  to John Renner (Principal) 

March 2015 Darien CT School Tour Gifted & Talented program
“You did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged and getting such a large number to participate.  Everyone I heard from was enthusiastic about your program.  It’s not easy to keep that age range thoroughly entertained and you did that!  Please thank the other performers for their good work!”

January 2015 NYC Birthday Party at Big Daddy’s Union Square
“Well WE had a blast…you all were once again thoroughly Awesome!!!
The kids enjoyed the hell out of it (and parents of course too!).
Can’t thank you enough…. We will definitely be seeing y’all soon….” Birthday Mom

December 12 NYC Field Trip for Middlesex Middle School 6th Grade Darien, CT
“Amelia, We had such a wonderful (and funny) time. You and your fellow comedians have a rare talent.  Thank you for everything.  We plan on coming back each year with a new group of students.”

December 15 NYC Field Trip for PS 151 Queens
“The kids LOVED the trip and we will definitely recommend it to our colleagues.” Rebecca Raddock

Aspire Preparatory Middle School
“Just wanted to thank you on behalf of my students and myself for a wonderful experience.  The kids really enjoyed the show and being a part of the show. I will definitely do this again next year. ” Mrs. Stewart

Regarding Professional Development Session May 10 2013
“OMG! Still Lmao! Our May 10th staff retreat at the St. Ignatius Retreat House was great. The PDHP staff really enjoyed the troupe.  Just what we needed to de-stress from the school year. The 4 young men you sent are Excellent! “
THANKS! Rose & Jill

Evening Performance at Long Lots ES, Westport CT 
“Thank you for your incredible performance tonight. The kids LOVED it and all the parents thought it was very funny, engaging imaginative and energetic!! You are very adept at keeping the pace perfect and the kids completely immersed. That’s major talent! Your team was also wonderful. Can’t thank you enough for helping to create a very memorable evening for the kids (5th Grade Party). Best of luck in all your endeavors here in Westport and everywhere!” – PTA President

Workshops at RP Conner ES 
“The Festival went great and as always your teachers did a fabulous job!” 5th year in arow we sent teachers for annual enrichment day for students!

Long Wharf Theatre, CT

“Discovery Day would not have been a success without Improv 4 Kids”

USGA-Fort Hamilton, NY

“I just wanted to let you know that our kids had a WONDERFUL time, along with the staff…. We will DEFINATLEY be back for anothe field trip.” – Child and Youth Services,

“Your show provided just the right touch…it was a hit with everyone and they are still talking about it two weeks later. that must say something!”
– Private Party (Bar Mitzvah) Client

Coolidge School, NJ

“Thanks for a totally terrific day. The kids could not stop talking about how great you were…and the assembly was perfect.”

MS 72 Count Basie School, NYC

“Thank you sooo much!! The kids had a wonderful time..I will be bringing another group back soon”

Edith L Slocum Elementary School
2460 Sycamore Ave Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Phone: (631) 244-2215

I am writing to recommend to you the IMPROV4KIDS comedy troupe for school performances. I have been teaching for over thirty years and have seen hundreds of assembly programs. This group of family-friendly comedians performs regularly at the Times Square Performing Arts Center (formerly The Laugh Factory) and offers an improv experience unlike any I’ve seen. The audience members, both children and adults, are completely engaged in the slap-happy hysteria offered by these innovative actors. Their various skits and games are performed using many volunteers from the crowd, and truly allow the participants to discover their inner most comedic talents. The show is a laugh ‘til you cry experience. This performance encourages children to explore their creativity and to use their vivid imaginations to the extreme!  During the course of the show, the audience members may hear an interview with an author of a new book, or witness pictures from an historic event such as Washington crossing the Delaware. The latest performance I’ve seen was something new and different for IMPROV4KIDS; a scripted performance of “Shout It Out, NO!” which was an anti-drug, alcohol and cigarette show, written by one of the cast and performed by four members of the troupe. The entire school population, grades K-5 thoroughly enjoyed the songs, skits and stories performed that day, and actively participated through song and audience participation.I am delighted to have seen this group’s work and I recommend them to you without reservation. – Sincerely, Eileen Benedict, Music Teacher

William H. Farquhar Middle School 

16915 Batchellors Forest Road, Olney, MD, 20832 Phone: 301-924-3100 Fax: 301-924-3152

It is often a challenge for a Cultural Arts Chairperson to find
performers who are professional and innovative.  I have had the pleasure
of coordinating performances of Improv for Kids for our Elementary and
Middle schools over the past three years.  The actors are skilled,
engaging, highly energetic, and extremely creative.  Even students that
were reluctant to volunteer to participate in assemblies were eager to
join in the performances.  Also, it is rare to get a group that plays so
well to all ages, hence their success at both the Elementary School and
Middle School levels.  I look forward to bringing Improv for Comedy back
soon. – Betsy Sirk Cultural Arts Chairperson

Germantown Central School, NY

I’ve never dealt with such easygoing performers. I have been in charge of programming at our school and local library for 5 yrs or so and have met countless performance companies. MOST of the time, I spend the majority of my time making sure the performers are happy (the stage is to their liking, lighting is sufficient, they are feeling properly pampered, on an on). So, I must say, dealing with a friendly theater company is a pleasure! I must have asked the guys 5x at least if there was ANYTHING I could do for them, and all I got was a No thank you, we’re fine. WOW. Everyone thought it was the best assembly we’ve ever had and for a small school we do a lot of assemblies. Many teachers and staff are talking about going down to see the show in NYC. – Tara Cort, PTA


I am writing this letter of recommendation on the improv show, “Eight Is Never Enough”. I am a member of the faculty at P.S. 47 in the Bronx. My school has taken our 4th grade classes for three years consecutively to see this show. The actors do a wonderful job getting the students involved and actively engaged. The students are interested and entertained the entire show. They also enjoy the question and answer portion of the show. Our school looks forward to this trip every year. – Lora Mikhail

Pearl River Middle School

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the cast for a wonderful show. Thank you for being so accommodating, particularly since we were early. The kids truly had an amazing time (despite the inability of the group to think of any interests beyond X-Box)! It is the mark of a truly successful trip when even the teachers are in a good mood on the bus ride home. Generally, students love field trips up until we get there, at which time they list all of the reasons the trip is “boring.” This time, the students were too busy enjoying themselves to talk to each other at all. On the way home, they could not stop talking about how much fun they had and could not wait to get back to school to brag about it to the students that did not attend.  You have a great cast and clearly love what you are doing. Thanks again and I hope to see you all again next year! – Stephanie Pollack


Two volunteers from the audience help out with sounds effects during the Improv 4Kids performance.

Typically, the Taft Public Library’s Summer Reading programs are well-planned presentations which have been performed over and over again by the headliner. However, the same cannot be said about the Library’s last show of the summer, which instead gave a much unscripted performance by the cast of Improv 4Kids. The evening performance took place at Clough Elementary School on August 16 and marked the end of yet another successful summer of reading and fun for Mendon kids.

Improv 4Kids is a professional improv troupe consisting of four actors, who to the delight of their young audience, put on skits and musical numbers based on whatever the audience would throw at them. The cast included actors Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal, Spero Chumas, and Tyler Fisher.

Whether it was about starting school, sports, Disney World, or a guinea pig, the four talented and quick-witted actors could act out or sing on any topic in a moment’s notice and with loads of energy.

At one point in the show, a youngster threw out the name of a crazy, made up book title called, The Acorn that Falls on Your Head That Went Bopp, and without any hesitation, the actors began to act out a humorous story related to the title.

Another portion of the show was called Audience Sound Effects, during which two young volunteers from the audience made different sounds into a microphone while the cast made up a song.

Based in New York City, Improv 4Kids has played for hundreds of audiences across the country but plays exclusively to kids. In addition to playing for libraries, the group also performs nationwide for schools, charity fundraisers, festivals, churches and other special events and has been featured on ABC News.

Their performance was the last program of the summer and prior to its beginning, Children’s Librarian Andrew Jenrich gave a shout out to all those who made the library’s program so successful this year, including Library Director Rob MacLean, the rest of the children’s library staff, the teen volunteers, and the Friends of the Taft Library, among others. “Everyone went above and beyond the call,” said Jenrich.

According to Jenrich, the successful Go Green Summer Reading Program had a total of 380 registrations with more than 100 children completing the entire program.

After the show, the Friends of the Taft Library provided all attendees with ice cream. In addition, a slide show full of the highlights from the summer program was shown to everyone.

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