January 10: Winter Comedy Classes Begin


Every Week Kids, Teens and Adults warm-up, discover new techniques and perform classic games – and a few of our own – as one learns valuable life and performing skills. A must for any artist, these classes are beneficial to all. Beyond self-enrichment and fun, the classes help develop creative thinking and writing, self confidence, public speaking skills, team building, listening, eye contact, and focus.

WINTER 2015 Calendar


Saturdays 11am-12:45pm

We have a quickly growing program but we found we have many families that wish to enroll siblings and even parents in programs but due to busy schedule cannot make multiple weekly trips to the club. So now the entire family can enroll. We have a unique comedy school in that we combine stand-up and improv in many of our classes. While improvisation is always the focus, including the stand-up allows students to strongly develop creative writing and thinking. We have a very simple method to develop original material that all can enjoy. And you will all find techniques and experience from one spill over to help the other skill.

COMEDY 4 KIDS ages 7-10 & 10-12

We have two teachers for this program and will be splitting up based on age and experience.

COMEDY 4 TEENS ages 13-17 

Many of our teens are in their 4th-5th season with us, but we welcome new teens as well.

COMEDY 4 ADULTS ages 18+

This class has college students, parents and even professional artists looking to self enrich and develop strong skills in Improv.


We host private groups almost daily for workshops and master classes. Every session starts with a group warm-up and technique games. Time permitting (not much needed) we start a master class of performance games.

Corporate Team Building – We have worked with top execs from Johnson & Johnson, Sales Managers from Louis Vuitton and even claims auditors from the United States Medicare. Drop in for a workshop. Stay for a show and lunch. Flexible options for your schedule, budget and specific team needs. Our basic workshop gets the team laughing, playing and simple problem solving together as they create original stories and scenes. Advanced workshops include role playing and more to attack more specific problems in your workplace – HR nightmares, sales, customer service, management, sexual harassment and more…

Theater Groups – Many professional, community and educational theater groups love an Improv Workshop. Improv is one of the most important skills in developing scripted material that truly leaps off the page. Also, we open up your creativity and break down acting techniques away from being stuck by the script. Many groups go back and create their own Improv teams at their home theater and school.

Educational Outreach – We have blogs and documents galore on why every school should incorporate improv in their programs. We offer an inexpensive way to get the arts back into schools. We incredibly enhance any arts program you currently offer. And we use these wonderfully entertaining shows and workshops to teach invaluable life skills. We teaching artists have been in schools since the beginning of time… But by branding our programs as “COMEDY” we reach a far broader demographic. Students use comedy every day to deal with stress. Often that displays as disruptive behavior.



We can send our teachers and shows nationwide. Great for K-12 schools, camps and non-profit educational settings for cultural arts, language arts and character building. Improv makes for amazing team building in Corporate setting. Perfect education  and entertainment for any community or religious center.

Drop in Shows & Workshops

Need a quick diversion or filling a calendar with a great cultural arts program, we can simply provide an amazing show, perhaps with a bonus educational talk back session or workshop after the show. The touring company has performed nationwide at theaters, clubs, colleges, K-12 schools, camps, libraries and private/corporate events.


We can send you a teacher or cast of teaching artists for a week of sessions OR in design a weekly program in the New York Area. Progressive programs, ending with a performance by the students, develop strong leaders in the community. In a few schools, via the Comedy Hall of Fame, our students have the best attendance records and do better than most in other classes. By teaching students valuable skills (focus, listen, eye contact, public speaking) they are more confident to participate in other classes and absorb information faster. We teach students how to learn- THE FUN WAY!!! We have even hired a few of these students right out of high school for our summer programs.

Residency for the Whole School

Our teaching Artist(s) will enter each class room and present a master class in warm-up, technique and performance games. Depending on the size of your school one teaching artists could spend 1-3 hours with every class in a week.

Progressive Classes

Every program is unique based on your needs, scheduling and budget. But all progressive programs center around one group of students – 10-20 recommended – developing more skills and knowledge of performance. The programs work best with a performance showcase. With this goal, the students rise to the occasion and excel. You will be amazed at the hidden talents in your ranks.


Our teaching artists will meet with the students for about 20 hours in a week.

4-15 week weekly classes

Schedules vary. In a perfect world we meet for eight 90-120 minute sessions – Weekly, Bi weekly, very flexible. But every program varies based on your schedule needs. In some schools – via comedy hall of fame – we even have teachers for 35-40 weeks with high school students that can receive graduation electives upon completion. In other schools we do a 4-5 week survey course. We will design the program that maximizes potential within your time and budget.


We offer customized team building events designed by Walt Frasier (Featured as Life Coach / Team Specialist on WE Network’s hit show “Hair Trauma”, as well as actor on “Lilyhammer”, “Royal Pains”, “Blue Bloods”, “Letterman” etc)  Mr. Frasier uses basic improvisational techniques to motivate creative thinking, trouble shooting, problem solving among  teams and groups. We can host a Team Building Workshop at our resident theatre and comedy club in the heart of Times Square. We can also bring our team to your event or place of business. Our corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, Amex, Master Card, Medicade, Kraft, UBS, General Motors, Louis Vuitton, and 100s more.


Our most popular package delivers great release and team building. Below is the program we host in Times Square at the Broadway Comedy Club but we can export this nationwide. We have amazing rates that fit the new post-2008 budgets.


Upon arrival, we have a continental breakfast of yogurt, mini bagels and donuts with coffee, juice and bottled water.


We kick off activities with a 90-120 minute workshop of Improv Games to Warm Up, develop basic techniques and even play some classic performance games. The shear laughing together builds strong bonds, but the team also works together to create original stories and scenes. We can customize the program to meet your specific needs. Although I recommend to start simple, we can include situation role play – Sales, Service, Problem Solving, Corporate Communications and more.


We have many options ranging $20-200pp (Usually for holiday parties and corporate dinners). But for these we recommend the light buffet of gourmet wraps, salads, chips and cookies. This menu keeps the budget in check and the mood informal.


Relax while Lunch is winding down and sit back as the professionals perform their signature Musical Improv show that has played off-Broadway and toured nationwide. The show is very interactive so the team building is not over yet… Every game requires suggestions from the audience and many include volunteers on stage. So bring your cameras – video too – to capture some great moments for your website and social media.



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