TEN Bad (dirty) names for businesses found around our country (Rated R material)

Driving around the world we are shocked every day by signs. We risk whip lash with multiple takes to make sure we read correctly. Most of the photos are not taken by me but I have seen most of these, if not worse, in my travels doing comedy and theater the past 20 years…

1. Badcock Furniture

badcock furniture and more LOGO

Always my favorite driving through Florida… Seriously, driving down south you get a lot of signs that make you wonder, “Where are the bible freaks on this one?”

2. Mega Flicks


Perhaps this store should have picked a different font?

3. Fuk Mi Sushi


I often wonder if certain business titles of foreign language decent mess with us on purpose. I see Asian restaurants all the time that make me do a hard double take. Or is this one of those Sushi stripper buffets?

4. Big Dick’s Halfway Inn


You know Richard was mighty proud of himself after posting this for all to see. Although if all he has are minnows, I would not brag.

5. Big Dick’s Dry Rub


Not to be out done… I prefer a little sauce however! At least toss a salad first.

6. Hooker’s Funeral Home


Hey, we all have to go sometime, but what city has enough dead hookers to support a full time business. Perhaps this niche is too limiting. Or perhaps they take strippers and pimps too.

7. Ass Hair Salon


Would not want the job of the guy that sweeps up the hair. And if anyone asks for a perm, I’m out!!!

8. Dyke’s Lumber


Got Wood? This cracks me up every time I pass it on Route 17 in New Jersey. Can we get a Dykes open up next to a Dick’s Sporting goods and a BJs club. Boy how they would fight all the time.

9. Chewy Balls


So if I am correct, this is a Chelsea Handler Lately side kick thinking, “Alec Baldwin was on to something!” Hope they are not meatballs. Chewy would not be my preferred texture. For the record, FAO Shwartz candy store – in the basement at 59th and 5th under the big piano – sells Pete’s Famous Schweddy Balls. I would have purchased but on a diet.

10. Cocks Summer Camp


Hey kids, where do you want to go this year? Camp features wonderful activities like Ring Toss, Swinging across the river and Human Centipede.

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