How to Play / Teach Improv Warm Up game Zip Zap Zup


Zip Zap Zup is one of those games that almost every one knows. Here is a basic video filmed during a rehearsal for EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO, Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens). In this video, Walt Frasier not only demonstrates the basics of the game, but how he teaches thsi game to new students of all ages. The tone of this video is geared for a younger crowd, but the mechanics are the same for all ages.

Zip Zap Zup is a fabulous game to start any session for any any age group. For professionals and advanced students, we often just start out of no where and folks know what to do. For new students start slow. Break down each element, as Walter does in the video below.

Zip Zap Zup warms up the individual’s mental, physical and vocal instrument as well as the team play. Skills learned include listening, focus, eye contact, projection and diction.

Speak loud and clear so all can follow the pattern. Use eye contact to send energy and by ultra clear with all of your being which player is to receive you energy.

A very simple game that gets chaotic quickly as focus and team break down. When team is working together with focus, the rhythm gets faster effortlessly.


Saturdays 3pm Fun for the whole family

Saturdays 8pm 18+ however popular with many families with older teens.


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