MAY 22 Happy Hour Friday Long-Form Improv – $10 cover includes 1st drink

FRIDAY MAY 22, 2015happyhourfridays

6:30 SHOW – House/Bar opens at 6pm

My Neighbor’s Neighbor
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Hand Me Downs
Uncle Taft
Call Your Mom
Scroll down for more info about this show’s teams and performers

$10 CASH cover (reg $25) includes 1st round from bar
CLICK HERE for $10 tickets online for this performance
$5 beer & wine drink specials (reg $8-12)

CLICK HERE for discount tickets and full calendar of
IMPROV at Broadway Comedy Club’s RED ROOM

318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
Between 8th & 9th Avenue
Stand – Up Comedy 
seven nights/week 9 & 11pm


Executive Producer: Walt Frasier; Artistic Director: Patrick Reidy


My Neighbor’s Neighbor

CAST: Patrick Bier, Mike Cabellon, Jason DeWall, Dan Moore, Kati Tikkanen, Brett Vetterlein

Invasion of the Body Snatchersbodysnatchers

CAST: Jon Barcelo, Heather Beeman, Logan Lampton, Brian Marks, Kathleen O’Mara, Rachel Sweeney, Travis Tack and Andrew Warner

Hand Me Downs


CAST: Ralf Jean Pierre , Aniek Ivens, Scott Benjamin, Steve Miller, Amber Jusefowytsch, Girish Maya, Melissa Nierman, Ana Jimenez

Uncle Taft

Uncle Taft Logo 1

CAST:  Jeremy Plyburn, Eric Dittelman, Peter Cunis, Carolyn Egan, Marcus Terry, Michael De Souza

Uncle Taft will probably give you a check on your birthday, but you’ll have to call to thank him.



As loving and complicated as that long phone call home to your mom.

CAST: Christopher DeLuca, Sam Fox-Hartin, Logan Herries, Sara Kaplan, Richard Krysztoforski, Andy McCarthy

Performer Bios:

William Goulet Kean – Master of Ceremonies – grew up in Savannah, GA attending a private school and going through the ranks of Cotillion (manners school). He then went to NYU:Tisch where he received a BFA in acting after studying at the Strasbeg and Stonestreet Studios. Since then, he has been a working actor in the city (see resume). In his spare time he studies singing at the Flaherty Opera Studio as well as Improv at UCB and the Magnet. His indie musical improv group Big D and the Closers performs at numerous improv festivals as well as at the PIT, Magnet, and paid gigs at the Broadway Comedy Club. They are currently developing a web series together. Although quite a sweetheart, he tends to play mostly ‘bad boys’ or guys with some edge.


Artistic Director, PATRICK REIDY is an actor, comedian, musician, and improviser in NYC.  He can currently be seen as a host and improv comedian at the Broadway Comedy Club for the Eight Is Never Enough and LMAO-NYC Interactive Comedy Shows as well as touring with their family friendly cousin, Improv 4 Kids.  He is also an established improv teacher, having taught for the Comedy Hall Of Fame and independent residences throughout the five boroughs.  As a sketch writer and performer his work has been featured on Funny Or Die, College Humor, and the Absent Minded Comedy Show.  He is a graduate of Salem State University and has studied improv, sketch-writing, stand-up, and screenwriting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theatre, and The Annoyance Theater.  Yes, and he would love to help you with your next artistic project!


Catch Walt Frasier this Spring on TruTV’s “Friends Of The People” now in their 2nd season. Go to Netflix – RIGHT NOW!!! – to see Walter in Lilyhammer (Season 3, Episode 8) as the American comic performing at Steven Van Zandt’s Norwegian club. Also now on Netflix – Blue Bloods (Season 3, Episode 8) see Walter in spandex body suit in first 5 minutes as Arnie the Homeless Avenger. Royal Pains (Season 6 Episode 3) as the Choking Victim. Past credits include sketch bits on Letterman (9 episodes), Stankervision (MTV2), Naked Brother’s Band (NICK), Hair Trauma (WE) and numerous commercials including Dr. Oz’s Fat Pants. Theater Credits include Off Broadway, Touring and Regional Theater plus over 4000 professional Improv Comedy Shows with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway. Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens, Absent Minded Comedy).

Scott Benjamin

Scott Benjamin is an improviser based in New York City. When not saying “yes, and” to his improv partners, he finds himself saying “no, but” to Judges, prosecutors, and opposing counsel, in various New York Courtrooms.

Aniek Ivens

Improvising scientist with 10+ years of experience in the Dutch Improv scene, specialized in long-forms. Recently joined her dream-team in NYC!

Sam Fox-Hartin

Sam loves humanity, his dog, your dog(s), comic books, basketball and dark beer. If you see him, you should get him one.

Logan Herries

Logan is good at TV and bad at yoga.

Richard Krysztoforski

Richard would like to apologize for his complicated last name.

Andy McCarthy

“Andy is a sweet man who knows the true price of freedom. In 1972, he was not born yet. His parents were about 12 & 13. AND THEY LOVED IT. Sometime, in the future, Andy hopes to have a dream in which a man is standing at the foot of his bed, and then he wakes up, and the man is REALLY THERE. But then, it is a double-dream, and when he wakes again there is no man.

In college, he studied journalism, political science, and none of those. Where philosophers left off, Andy plans to wait until new philosophers come along & make up their minds about things. In his spare time, Andy is just a real sonofagun.

He studied improv at the UCB & is on a team called Call Your Mom. He voted for President Barack Obama in our last election & his friend Chris’s dad was there at the voting booth, running things, putting ballots away, making sure things looked organized and everything like that. He’d like to thank you all for reading his biography & kindly asks that you never tell anyone what you saw here… Thanks & let’s play ball!” – Tom Seaver (famous American pitcher)

Sara Kaplan

Sara originally performed in Chicago for 3 yrs. on her award-winning iO Harold Team Inkling, as well as Upstairs Gallery house team, Velvet Rope. She is thrilled to be on Call Your Mom, PK and to be accepted into the UCB Advanced Program. Sara is finding that the NYC comedy scene is full of some very nice people and can’t wait to hug them all.

Sara is also available for coaching, please email her:

(For more coaching info:

” Sara Kaplan is a winning character actor: She does fluttery neurotic and empowered conspirator equally well, creating big laughs with subtle shifts of expression.” TimeOut Chicago

“Inkling Best New Improv Team” Chicago Magazine

Chris DeLuca

There was a log cabin on Hillsbury Lake, and in this cabin there lived a moose. Mrs. Moose was her name, and like any moose in an apron, she loved to bake. Now, when Mrs. Moose baked, the smell would be so delicious that all the other animals in the forrest would come running to the cabin for just a little taste. However, Mrs. Moose was greedy, and would only bake her herself. She would bake scones and buns and cakes and pies and tarts and muffins, all of them huge, and she would eat them all herself. The other animals would beg her to share her wonderful baking, but she would just toss her head, pick it back up again, and gobble down the pastries. The other animals would whine and howl and scratch and peck and growl, but to no avail; Mrs. Moose simply would not share. Pretty soon, the animals started to get angry.
Why won’t you share with us? They said. You bake so much food, there is plenty for all of us.
I am a moose, said Mrs. Moose, I need my cakes, and with that she swallowed one of her famous chocolate namesake cakes. This made the other animals very angry, but what could they do? Mrs. Moose was, after all, a moose, and much bigger and stronger than all of them put together, except for Bear, who was sleeping, and Wolf, who was a jerk and ate them on a regular basis.
And so time passed; each day the animals of the forest would beg for sweets, and each day Mrs. Moose would eat them all by herself. After almost a month, the entire forest suffered a sugar shortage. Everyone was craving sugar more than they ever had in their little fuzzy lives. Everyone, that is, except Mrs. Moose. Every day she still baked huge amounts of pastries, ignoring the whimpers of the sugar starved animals as she gorged herself. Finally, Fox took all the other animals aside and spoke with them. We have been oppressed by Mrs. Moose long enough! Fox yelped. We must end her selfish moosey ways once and for all, and claim the cakes that are rightfully ours! The rest of the animals cheered, then Shrew spoke up.
But how will we stand a chance against Mrs. Moose; after all, she is a moose. All the other animals muttered in nervous agreement with one another, for Mrs. Moose was in fact a moose. Fox silenced them with a swish of her tail.
We may not be a match for her in strength, but when it comes to brains we’ve got her beat.
How so? Honked Duck.
Mr. Moose, replied Fox slyly.
Now Mr. Moose who was actually a poodle and married into the name was the apple of Mrs. Moose’s eye. As soon as he came home from work she would gallop over and leap into his paws, and would hug and kiss him so much that he would have a hard time breathing. Mr. Moose was the only person Mrs. Moose would share her baking with. Unfortunately, the first time Mr. Moose ate a wedge of his wife’s chocolate namesake cakes he instantly developed type II diabetics. Despite his name, he was still a dog. After that, Mr. Moose could never again eat the wonderful confections his wife baked. This made Mrs. Moose very sad, and she tried to convince Mr. Moose to eat the pastries anyway. No thanks, he would say politely, I’ll die. Yet Mrs. Moose didn’t give up hope; every night she would save a little something for her husband, and once he got home she would ask him if he wanted it. Every night Mr. Moose would thank her but insist that it would kill him, leaving Mrs. Moose to sadly eat the pastry herself.
Now Fox knew all of this because she was a spy. Fox told all the other animals her plan, and everyone thought it was very clever indeed. That very night Fox and the other animals hid themselves around Mrs. Moose’s cabin just as Mr. Moose was coming home from work. As he was walking up the drive, Fox tripped him, Boar hit him over the head, and Beaver pulled him into the bushes. Then they put Sheep in Mr. Moose’s clothing. Sheep was one of the biggest sweet tooth’s, and had lost a lot of weight since the sugar shortage, so that he looked very much like Mr. Moose. However Sheep’s sugar cravings were so intense, that Fox decided to make an assurance that he would save sweets for the rest of them if he succeeded in his mission.
If you do not share the sweets you get with us, then I will find my brother Wolf and tell him that you have grown fat and tasty once more.

1. Poodles always take the woman’s name.
2. He commuted to dog shows.
3. Mr. Moose had a very bad back.
4. A foxy spy.

Want to perform?

– This is a booked show. Email us at and let us know which Fridays you are available (Usually 4-6 weeks out), TEAM Name, Cast list, Mini Blurb about show, TEAM LOGO/PHOTO and link to website or team page on Facebook etc.
– Sketch and other acts welcome but primary focus is long-form style Improv


– Medium stage in a 70-seat theater with basic lighting and sound
– Grand Piano on stage so GREAT for musical acts
– Moderate Priced Food & Beverage – higher than local pub, average for Tiems Square location, cheap compared to other comedy clubs (Usually requires 2-drink min for prime time shows).
– Team and cast names promoted online, press releases, etc
– Become a RED ROOM House Team

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