MAY 29 Happy Hour Friday $10 cover includes drink, 1/2 price drink specials

happyhourfridaysFRIDAY MAY 29, 2015

6:30 SHOW
House/Bar opens at 6pm
$10 Cover incudes 1st round
1/2 Price Happy Hour Drink Special

MEDUSA, The Internet Disagrees, 
Dance Floor MakeOut, Bueller

Scroll down for more info about this show’s teams, performers and producers

Hosted by William Goulet Kean
Artistic Director: Patrick Reidy
Executive Producer: Walt Frasier

$10 CASH cover at door (reg $25) includes 1st round from bar (Beer, Wine or Soda)
CLICK HERE for $10 tickets online for this performance
1/2 off all drinks 6-8pm


CLICK HERE for discount tickets and full calendar of
IMPROV at Broadway Comedy Club’s RED ROOM

318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
Between 8th & 9th Avenue

Stand – Up Comedy seven nights/week 9 & 11pm


Want to perform?

– This is a booked show. Email us at and let us know which Fridays you are available (Usually 4-6 weeks out), TEAM Name, Cast list, Mini Blurb about show, TEAM LOGO/PHOTO and link to website or team page on Facebook etc.
– Sketch and other acts welcome but primary focus is long-form style Improv


– Medium stage in a 70-seat theater with basic lighting and sound
– Grand Piano on stage so GREAT for musical acts
– Moderate Priced Food & Beverage – higher than local pub, average for Tiems Square location, cheap compared to other comedy clubs (Usually requires 2-drink min for prime time shows).
– Team and cast names promoted online, press releases, etc
– Become a RED ROOM House Team


William Goulet Kean – Master of Ceremonies – grew up in Savannah, GA attending a private school and going through the ranks of Cotillion (manners school). He then went to NYU:Tisch where he received a BFA in acting after studying at the Strasbeg and Stonestreet Studios. Since then, he has been a working actor in the city (see resume). In his spare time he studies singing at the Flaherty Opera Studio as well as Improv at UCB and the Magnet. His indie musical improv group Big D and the Closers performs at numerous improv festivals as well as at the PIT, Magnet, and paid gigs at the Broadway Comedy Club. They are currently developing a web series together. Although quite a sweetheart, he tends to play mostly ‘bad boys’ or guys with some edge.


Artistic Director, PATRICK REIDY is an actor, comedian, musician, and improviser in NYC.  He can currently be seen as a host and improv comedian at the Broadway Comedy Club for the Eight Is Never Enough and LMAO-NYC Interactive Comedy Shows as well as touring with their family friendly cousin, Improv 4 Kids.  He is also an established improv teacher, having taught for the Comedy Hall Of Fame and independent residences throughout the five boroughs.  As a sketch writer and performer his work has been featured on Funny Or Die, College Humor, and the Absent Minded Comedy Show.  He is a graduate of Salem State University and has studied improv, sketch-writing, stand-up, and screenwriting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theatre, and The Annoyance Theater.  Yes, and he would love to help you with your next artistic project!


Catch Walt Frasier this Spring on TruTV’s “Friends Of The People” now in their 2nd season. Go to Netflix – RIGHT NOW!!! – to see Walter in Lilyhammer (Season 3, Episode 8) as the American comic performing at Steven Van Zandt’s Norwegian club. Also now on Netflix – Blue Bloods (Season 3, Episode 8) see Walter in spandex body suit in first 5 minutes as Arnie the Homeless Avenger. Royal Pains (Season 6 Episode 3) as the Choking Victim. Past credits include sketch bits on Letterman (9 episodes), Stankervision (MTV2), Naked Brother’s Band (NICK), Hair Trauma (WE) and numerous commercials including Dr. Oz’s Fat Pants. Theater Credits include Off Broadway, Touring and Regional Theater plus over 4000 professional Improv Comedy Shows with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway. Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens, Absent Minded Comedy).

The Internet DisagreesTID

The Internet Disagrees is an improv troupe and group of troublemakers; based out of New York. New York. The Internet Disagrees is the most famous improv troupe you haven’t heard of yet. Hailing from all over the country to come together with one common goal in mind.. well umm; let’s make that two. United in their need to fight America’s celebrity sweethearts and to make you laugh. Sometimes they do both at the same time, and you don’t wanna miss it. Coming to a bar/venue/living room near you..

“More fun than they have any business being.” – Tim Dufrisne
“They’re very kind, they’re very funny, and they’re very industrious. They put on a ton of shows, and you should be in them. Get on the Internet Disagrees train because they’re heading for the stars!” – Chris GriswoldThe Internet Disagrees is an indie improv troupe that formed in November of 2013 and that’s that. They don’t know how they got here. They certainly don’t have the requirements.-Leah Evans (Founder/Captain)
-Matthew Schrader
-Will Dietzler
-Irene Carroll
-Zak Corrigan
-Sean Costello
-Mike Sause
Swings: John Hansford, Langston Belton (when he isn’t being a megastar)Coach(es): Dan Silver – US National Improv Team


Dance Floor Makeoutdance

Dance Floor Makeout is musical improv team formed by a group of weirdos who met at the Magnet Theater.

Eric Brodie, Louie Pearlman, Lauren Stripling, Carolyn Malfa, Matthew Pohlman, Lane Kwederis, Meg Reilly, Lauren Gralton, and Mollie Roth


MEDUSA is Amy Lange, Danny Behar, Jacob Horn, Jeff Howe, Rachel Lee Jones, Ross Miller, Sarah Michaels and Will Larsen.



Come watch these 7 bandana wearing maniacs (and friends) take an audience suggestion and turn it into an entirely improvised show. Members of Bueller…? can be seen on The Daily Show, Buzz 60, The Meredith Vieira Show, crushing Buzzfeed articles, professionally recording children’s songs, being retweeted by Lena Dunham, peforming Off-Broadway, and teaching at the Peoples Improv Theater. They have studied and performed sketch and improv at The Peoples Improv Theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Annoyance Theatre, and at yo Momma’s house.

Abby Goldfarb, Amelita Lijek, Anthony Velez, Matt Revere, Patrick Jones, Elizabeth Galalis and Mehdi Barakchian”


Irene Carroll

Irene Carroll has been improvising in NYC for a looooongggg time now. She studied at The PIT, The Yes Show Workshops, Improvisation New Conservatory and Artistic New Directions.

She has taken workshops with David Razowsky, Michael Gellman and Gary Austin.

She has studied with Kevin Scott, Scotty Watson, Ralph Buckley, Lulu French, Mik Kulhman

After preforming with the IN team for 2 years. She is has now the Artistic Director for Gotham City Improv.

Irene also is kickin’ around with The Internet Disagrees and her girl group, Yes Please…

Zak Corrigan

Zak is a actor, singer/songwriter, and captain of his high school cheer squad. He has a BFA in Acting from CW Post LIU and a BA in BS from BU. He has been doing inprov for sometime and considers his first improv team SGF when he was asked to join as a freshman in college.

Zak is excited to be part of a great group of very funny people and hopes to grow as old as Keith Richards, all the while bringing smiles to the masses every Sunday mass.

Sean Costello

Sean Costello has studied at the UCB theatre for about 2 years now. He’s studied with Porter Mason, Kevin Hines, Doug Moe, and Zack Woods. His love for improv was sparked by a show he saw and he was hooked ever since. He quickly joined CW Post campus’ Improv Club Say Anything Improv and then was invited to play with another troupe on campus SGF Improv. Sean can now be seen performing in The Best Medicine.

Sean Costello is Senior at the Cw Post campus of Long Island University. He’s BFA major in Film. Sean’s specialization is in Cinematography. His most recent work was as director of photography for “Hansel and Gretel” an adaptation of the Grimms brothers fairy tale. He’s soon to start work as director of photography for another film titled “My Marty”.

Will Dietzler

Will first studied improv while attending Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD under the direction of Dr. Julia Bennett. Will moved to New York in 2011 and has completed the core improv curriculum at the Upright Citizens Brigade and is applying for advanced study courses. Currently he can be found performing with The Internet Disagrees.

Leah Evans

Writer, Actor, Captain (of The Internet Disagrees), Croc Wrestler, Connect Four Champion, Lord of the Rings/Alien/Jurassic Park/Pokemon expert, and Superhero.

Leah is a graduate from CW Post: Long Island University with a B.F.A. in acting. Leah doesn’t have any formal long form improv training which kind of blows but ya do what ya gotta do.

Leah is also partially responsible for the start of the Industrial Revolution.

She also really hates writing about herself in the third person so this has been very difficult for her.

** To Contact Leah for bookings/coachings/classes Please E-Mail:

Leah is also the creator of NYC Improv/Sketch/Standup Resource:

John Hansford

50% Grizzly Madams;  1/6 Baby Babushka; Loving helping The Internet Disagrees

Mike Sause

Mike Sause is a NYC based actor and writer, specializing in improvisation and sketch comedy.

Currently performing with:
The Internet Disagrees
Gotham City Improv’s Plan B & Sketch Team
Five for Vendetta
Two Man Tango
Sause & Jones
The ANDsemble

Formerly performed with:
Improvisation News Team (Sketch & Improv weekly show at Triple Crown)
Puppet Babies

Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Mike Sause has been doing improvisation for over 3 years. He has been taught by some of the great teachers, including David Razowsky, Michael Gellman, Gary Austin and Scotty Watson.

Mike also performs standup comedy and can do many impressions including but not limited to: Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George W Bush, Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad), Sean Connery, Fozzie Bear and most other Muppets.

Matthew Schrader

A versatile actor with a gift for comedy, Matthew A. Schrader is a New York based actor who has thus far spent his career working professionally throughout NYC and Wisconsin. Matthew taught improv classes before ever taking an improv class, loves key lime pie, and looks good in a bow tie at least 90% of the time.

Matthew studied improvisational comedy with Monkey Business Improv in Madison, WI and Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC.

You can reach Matthew at

Lane Kwederis

Actor, Improviser, Writer, Cat Lover

Louie Pearlman

LOUIE PEARLMAN is a comedic performer, educator and song-writer living in Queens, NY. He is a producer, director, puppeteer and performer with the nationally-recognized entertainment company The Story Pirates. He also teaches a series of popular improv classes for teenagers.

You can see Louie perform with his musical improv ensembles Dance Floor Makeout and Triad, and his hip-hop improv ensemble Robopop. You can read his music articles on Rebeat Magazine (

Favorite past projects include playing J. Jonah Jameson in The Spidey Project, appearing in the music video for Tom Tom Club’s Downtown Rockers and DJing Where The Action Is! A monthly sixties music night with Allison Boron.

You can check out what Louie is currently up to at his website

Matthew Pohlman

Matthew Pohlman has been studying sketch and improv at the Magnet and UCB since 2011. He currently performs with the house sketch team “Party.” at the Magnet Theater and the musical improv group “Dance Floor Makeout”

Megan Reilly

Mehdi Barakchian

Mehdi Barakchian was born in New York City and currently lives in New Jersey — and doesn’t care for your opinion on the matter. He has studied sketch and improv at The UCB and The Peoples Improv Theater.

Mehdi is Producer/Writer/Sidekick on the NY Times and Time Out NY acclaimed late night talk show Brunch Night! with Jamie LeeLo. Most recently, he helped develop and acts as Producer for UCB Comedy’s live theater show UCB Comedy Live! in New York. He also produces and hosts the cross-theater improv show No Affiliation which brings improvisers from different theaters to play on one stage. He regularly performs improv and sketch all over NYC with his indie teams Bueller and Kibbles and Bits and co-hosts the weekly improv jam Base Jam. In addition to teaching classes at the Peoples Improv Theater, you can catch him performing weekly with PIT improv house team Lovers. His latest project is with his comedy partner, Jamie LeeLo, and is called Gray Couch Productions – check it out. Mehdi hopes to one day own a fridge that makes its own ice.

Follow him on twitter @ReadyMehdi

Elizabeth Galalis

Elizabeth is an actor, improviser, occasional sketch writer and lover of puns in NYC. She currently performs with two-prov team, Eliza. She has also performed on indie short form teams, Shark Bait! and Red Tie Mafia. Elizabeth holds a BFA in Acting from Pace University and is a current student at The PIT.

Abby Goldfarb

Abby is a native New Yorker, graduate of Emerson College, and enjoys early Woody Allen films. Fun fact: she technically has five mothers.

Patrick Jones

Patrick has been studying Improv for almost two years now at The Pit. He’s currently playing with You’re Not My Dad, Bueller…?, (A 10,000 Hours team that performs sundays at The Pit) and is a part of the rotating cast of Tom Soter’s Sunday Night Improv. Patrick wants to be an astronaut when he grows up but who knows, last week it was an NBA player.

Amelita Lijek

Amelita is a comedian, actor, writer, musician, and general tryer of many things. A Massachusetts transplant to New York City, she graduated from NYU in 2010 with no idea what she was doing but has slowly started to figure it out, emphasis on “slow.” She is attempting to execute any project idea that comes to mind without burning out, which, in addition to improv and sketch with the brilliant fools on Bueller, includes writing, producing and acting in her web series “Time Traveling Roommate,” composing music for the children’s YouTube channel Fredbot, making parody music videos, writing for the critically acclaimed live late night show “Brunch Night with Jamie Leelo,” hosting her podcast History/Philosophy/Metaphor, and running “The 30,” a blog with 30 regular contributors who discuss finding their way through a variety of different creative endeavors. You can find her on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest maybe?) with the handle @aaaamelita because @amelita, @aamelita, and @aaamelita were all taken.

Matt Revere

Likes Frosted Mini-Wheats, guacamole, spending money on dumb shit.

Danny Behar

started in 2013

Patrick Noth, Ben Rameaka (new york)
Erik Volkert, Emily Holland, Ben Scurria, Mike Morrell (boston)

Jacob Horn

Jacob did some improv in high school, switched to a cappella in college, and then moved to NYC where improv came back with a vengeance. His urge to syllabize, harmonize with, or beatbox to any music whatsoever – a residual effect of the a cappella – continues to make him an unpopular guest at parties.

Jacob studies at UCB and likes going to shows when he should be sleeping. You can find him on Twitter @JacobMuses.

Jeff Howe

Jeff is an improviser, comedian, actor and writer from Brooklyn (by way of Lawn Guyland, NY). He has studied improv an sketch at UCB and independently with phenomenal teachers since 2014. He also studied at a professional wrestling school (yes, like WWE) and will live on forever as a character in a video game. Jeff is a member of the indie improv team MEDUSA (check them out, they’re fun).

Learned from tons and tons of awesome teachers and coaches.

Perhaps follow me on twitter? @jeffunscripted

Rachel Jones

Rachel hails from the best state ever, TEXAS, and studied theatre at the University of Alabama. Along with her studies at Alabama, she also has studied Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and some musical theatre at CAP 21 in NYC. Broadway was her goal in NYC, but has decided to forgo that idea and study some improv at UCB and get caught up in film/tv.

Roll Tide, y’all!

Amy Lange

You may recognize me as the sleeping woman on the 2/3.

Will Larson

A pretty bunny dude.

Ross Miller

Last name ever, first name greatest, middle name horse whisperer. Began studying sketch and improv at Upright Citizens Brigade in 2013. Teachers include Ben Wietmarschen, Ben Rameaka, and Morgan “not a Ben” Jarrett. I’ve also studied with Alex Fernie and Kevin Mullaney.

Other life is a writer / producer for The Verge.

I tweet a lot @ohnorosco.

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