FRIDAY JUNE 5 6-8pm Line-Up Happy Hour #Improv at #Broadway #Comedy #Club #NYC


$10 Cover includes 1st round from the bar
(Beer, Wine, or Soft Drinks)
1/2 Price on full drink menu



6-6:30pm LMAO New Class

Uncle Taft, Quote Unquote, Tush, Pancake Aces

Uncle Taft Logo 1

UNCLE TAFT is Jeremy Plyburn, Eric Dittelman, Peter Cunis, Carolyn Egan, Marcus Terry, Michael De Souza

Uncle Taft will probably give you a check on your birthday, but you’ll have to call to thank him.

QUOTE UNQUOTE is Leigh Ellen Caudill, Melina Chadbourne, Chris Chianesi, Jonterri Gadson, Andrew Nordin, Jeremy Senie, Jeff Wucher, and Aileen Zoccola

CAST coached by Carrie McCrossen


TUSH is  Sanjay Bhakser, Hank Browning, Jesse Douglas, Brian Gurien, Greg Lotsvin, Jordan Randolph, Jonathan Ross, Danielle Von Lehman

Made up of eight UCB and Magnet kids, Tush was formed in August 2014, only to become a comedy force majeure in various bar basements and comedy theater stages.  Using long-form improv, Tush will transport the audience to a time in the future, not so long ago.  When not performing improv, the Tush kids can be found playing “Bad Rap” up and down the A train, much to the delight of commuters.


Archaeological evidence suggests that Pancake Aces are probably the earliest and most widespread improv team in prehistoric societies. Known as Crêpe Aces in Europe, the group’s performances are filled with jam, cheese cream and many other fillings, both sweet or savory. The Ace embellishment started when King James VI of Scotland and England required an insignia of the group to be used in conjunction with Pancakes. This insignia was necessary for identifying the group among the many other performance units originating around that time. Most members survive today having taken up residence in America, performing mainly at indie venues on the east coast.



LMAO NEW CLASS is Kelsey Coughlin, Peter Hargarten, Christina Marano, Jay Moonsammy, Brette Morningstar, and special guests from LMAO



Saturdays 3 & 8 LMAO OFF BROADWAY
The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious musical comedy based on audience suggestions and participation. WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY meets Off Broadway Review. The all professional cast includes talent from TV, FILM and even Broadway. Since 2002 EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented 5000+ show in Times Square and touring nationwide.

3pm SHOW great for the whole family (AKA Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens). Great destination for families, camps, scouts and birthday parties.

8pm SHOW 18+ Although some older families (teens & up) will find the show acceptable, but the core audience is college and older.

Shows added often for group needs, holidays and vacation times.
CLICK HERE for full calendar and discount tickets via THEATERMANIA

reat singers present the best of NYC Cabaret. Players from LMAO spin into scenes inspired by the titles, lyrics and themes of the songs. The result is an original musical comedy every night stringing 8-10 random songs together by the spontaneously created book.


Meet Vivian – our newest LMAONYC video partner!!!

 Artistic Director, PATRICK REIDY is an actor, comedian, musician, and improviser in NYC.  He can currently be seen as a host and improv comedian at the Broadway Comedy Club for the Eight Is Never Enough and LMAO-NYC Interactive Comedy Shows as well as touring with their family friendly cousin, Improv 4 Kids.  He is also an established improv teacher, having taught for the Comedy Hall Of Fame and independent residences throughout the five boroughs.  As a sketch writer and performer his work has been featured on Funny Or Die, College Humor, and the Absent Minded Comedy Show.  He is a graduate of Salem State University and has studied improv, sketch-writing, stand-up, and screenwriting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theatre, and The Annoyance Theater.  Yes, and he would love to help you with your next artistic project!


Catch Walt Frasier this Spring on TruTV’s “Friends Of The People” now in their 2nd season. Go to Netflix – RIGHT NOW!!! – to see Walter in Lilyhammer (Season 3, Episode 8) as the American comic performing at Steven Van Zandt’s Norwegian club. Also now on Netflix – Blue Bloods (Season 3, Episode 8) see Walter in spandex body suit in first 5 minutes as Arnie the Homeless Avenger. Royal Pains (Season 6 Episode 3 ALSO NOW ON NETFLIX) as the Choking Victim. Past credits include sketch bits on Letterman (9 episodes), Stakervision (MTV2), Naked Brother’s Band (NICK), Hair Trauma (WE) and numerous commercials including Dr. Oz’s Fat Pants. Theater Credits include Off Broadway, Touring and Regional Theater plus over 4000 professional Improv Comedy Shows with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway. Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens, Absent Minded Comedy).


Maha Al-Emam

laughter is my modus vivendi. Complication, a dirty word.

Studied with Anthony Atamanuik, Shaun Diston, Erik Tanouye, Laura Gray & Christian Capozzoli.

Nick Alexander

Love Performing. So Happy to do Comedy for a living. I felt underappreciated when I was a Stripper. Entertainer Forever!!

CJ DiCenzo

enjoys sitting at the dinner table and other stuff involving dinner tables.

Phil Jamesson

Phil posts his jokes either on his Twitter or his YouTube.

Sean Perham

I am trying to make people laugh as often as possible. I hope I can do that. I also play/teach music for my job right now. It’s hard to complain.

Veronica Reyes-How

Actor/Director/Writer in NYC. Important highlights: big laugher, animal lover, pastry eater, up for a good time, loves word games.
if you want to see some credits or things I’ve actually done, then you can go to this page

Leigh Ellen Caudill

Actress. Singer. Social Dancer.

Melina Chadbourne

Melina is an actor who has dabbled in improv and stand-up since coming to NYC in 2012 after graduating from Emerson College. She is Boston born and bred, but a New Yorker at heart. She has no sidewalk etiquette

Chris Chianesi

Chris is an actor, singer, improviser, and competitive eater. @SeriouslyChris

Jonterri Gadson

Jonterri is a writer and improviser who teaches creative writing. She is a critically acclaimed professional male objectification specialist. She tweets.

Andrew Nordin

Andrew is a writer, improviser and stand-up comedian. He grew up in Richmond, VA and spent the majority of his youth trying not to sweat.

Jeff Wucher

Nice guy, mean lady

Megan Baker

Writer, improviser, Midwestern transplant, general young person. Peoples Improv Theater-trained. Currently performing with PIT house team OK President, all-lady indie improv team Flying V, and all-human indie improv team You’re Not My Dad. @mruthbaker. Let’s talk about cheese.

Adrienne LaValley

Actress, improver and voice over lady. Can be seen and heard all over the TV and inter webs, most recently as your friendly Raymour and Flanigan lady. Studied at The Pit and is part of the badass-all-ladies improv group ‘Flying V’, as well as the co-host of the monthly live show ‘The Sports Show’. She is also a member of the ReGroup Theatre Company.

Has declared herself the Kings County snowshoeing queen and knows the doggie Heimlich Maneuver; wheelbarrow position, followed by mouth sweep and abdominal thrusts. You’ll thank her later.

Hannah Levinson

Brooklyn based improviser. Performs on the all ladies indie team Flying V. Studied at the People’s Improv Theater and The Annoyance Theater. Loves football and hummus.

Ren Peir

Ren likes dogs more than cats. She likes poops more than pees. She likes puns more than buns.

Ren was formally trained at the Peoples Improv Theater and at the Magnet Theater for musical improv. She currently performs on house team OK President at the PIT and Pyros at the Magnet. She also loves syncing up with her ladies on Flying V to perform all over New York.

Jordan Randolph

I take classes at Magnet and UCB for improv and sketch. I perform with Tush!

Gregory Lotsvin

Greg began writing about himself in third person when he had to write a performer bio. It made him uncomfortable, and he soon stopped.

Peter Cunis

Peter Cunis is a longtime improv performer with experience as a group leader and standup. He presided over the longform troupe Harry Houdini’s Box of Doom for two years at Providence College. He has studied at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA and the Magnet Theater in New York, NY. He currently performs with Uncle Taft in New York City.

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