JUNE 5 8pm PRIMETIME Improv and Sketch Playground at the Broadway Comedy Club NYC


8pm SHOW
$10 Cover includes 1st round from the bar
(Beer, Wine, or Soft Drinks)
1/2 Price Specials on full drink menu


Mom, Legend of Bagger Vance, Albatross, Loyalty Program

HOSTED BY Walt Frasier & Meg Reilly from LMAO

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The Legend of Bagger Vance is Ian Herrin, Nick Pearl, Alex Rosenthal, John Shepard, Alex Spieth, Joe Taylor http://thelegendofbaggervance.improvteams.com/

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Mom is Jack Frederick, Stefan Hartmann, Ian Herrin, Bryan Packman, Pierre Reboul http://mom.improvteams.com/

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Albatross is Ian Herrin, John King, Ben Ruffman-Cohen, John Shepard, Alice Snedden http://newyork.improvteams.com/teams/RkGm/wastoid

Loyalty Program is Bryan Packman, Aaron Luryi, Brooke Tibbs, Joseph Russell, Jon Blue http://loyaltyprogram.improvteams.com/



Saturdays 3 & 8 LMAO OFF BROADWAY
The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious musical comedy based on audience suggestions and participation. WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY meets Off Broadway Review. The all professional cast includes talent from TV, FILM and even Broadway. Since 2002 EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented 5000+ show in Times Square and touring nationwide – clubs, theaters, colleges, corporate/private events and even K-12 outreach.

3pm SHOW great for the whole family (AKA Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens). Great destination for families, camps, scouts and birthday parties.

8pm SHOW 18+ Although some older families (teens & up) will find the show acceptable, but the core audience is college and older.

Shows added often for group needs, holidays and vacation times.
CLICK HERE for full calendar and discount tickets via THEATERMANIA


 Artistic Director, PATRICK REIDY is an actor, comedian, musician, and improviser in NYC.  He can currently be seen as a host and improv comedian at the Broadway Comedy Club for the Eight Is Never Enough and LMAO-NYC Interactive Comedy Shows as well as touring with their family friendly cousin, Improv 4 Kids.  He is also an established improv teacher, having taught for the Comedy Hall Of Fame and independent residences throughout the five boroughs.  As a sketch writer and performer his work has been featured on Funny Or Die, College Humor, and the Absent Minded Comedy Show.  He is a graduate of Salem State University and has studied improv, sketch-writing, stand-up, and screenwriting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theatre, and The Annoyance Theater.  Yes, and he would love to help you with your next artistic project!


Catch Walt Frasier this Spring on TruTV’s “Friends Of The People” now in their 2nd season. Go to Netflix – RIGHT NOW!!! – to see Walter in Lilyhammer (Season 3, Episode 8) as the American comic performing at Steven Van Zandt’s Norwegian club. Also now on Netflix – Blue Bloods (Season 3, Episode 8) see Walter in spandex body suit in first 5 minutes as Arnie the Homeless Avenger. Royal Pains (Season 6 Episode 3 ALSO NOW ON NETFLIX) as the Choking Victim. Past credits include sketch bits on Letterman (9 episodes), Stakervision (MTV2), Naked Brother’s Band (NICK), Hair Trauma (WE) and numerous commercials including Dr. Oz’s Fat Pants. Theater Credits include Off Broadway, Touring and Regional Theater plus over 4000 professional Improv Comedy Shows with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway. Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens, Absent Minded Comedy).


Megan Reilly – co-MC

Megan Reilly is a sassy, outrageous Jersey girl with a passion for rapping and the moon. She can currently be seen giggling around NYC with her improv troupes LMAO-Off Broadway, Robopop (Hip Hop Improv) and Dancefloor Makeout (Musical Improv). She is also a part of the touring ensemble for the musical improv show Broadway’s Next Hit Musical. She attended The Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and has also studied at The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Second City and The Magnet Theater.

Ian Herrin

Ian (pictured sitting left and for some reason open-legged) is an actor, improviser, and stand-up comedian in New York City with a Masters from NYU in Cinema Studies. Ian has taken classes at Gotham Comedy Club and is also Advanced Study UCB. He has worked with 40+ different UCB coaches.

Contact ianherrin@gmail.com for booking one of his three indie teams, to inquire about his coaching availability, or to just more generally receive a polite reply message from a very nice young man.

John King

John King has studied at UCB since September 2012 and is currently in advanced study. He also has a degree and Performing Arts (Theater), and is currently SAG/AFTRA and trying to fulfill his dream of entertaining people for a living. You can add him on Instagram @Jsmoothnyc and check out his videos on YouTube under Actorjohnking 🙂

John Shepard

John do good stage in New York. John not sure audience laugh at John or with John. John not sure it matters. John here for you when you need John.

Rachel Sweeney


Nick Pearl

Nicholas “Nick” Pearl is a writer/performer from NY. He is the founder and creator of TurboSpeak©, an experimental constructed language/energy drink. All inquiries regarding TurboSpeak© should be addressed to Mr. Pearl. In his spare time, Nick enjoys going to Best Buy and reading the descriptions on the back covers of DVDs of movies he will enjoy watching later that night on the Internet.

Alex Rosenthal

Alex is still deciding how we wants to position his online personal brand; he will update this later.

Follow him on Twitter @abrosenthal

Donald Chang

Donald was lost. And then he was found, by Lady Improv. And then life was a hootenanny. Amen.

Jack Frederick

Jack is a writer, actor, and musician living in New York. He has studied improvisation and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Peoples Improv Theater, and Magnet Theater under the likes of: Molly Lloyd, Kate Riley, Gavin Speiller, Nicole Drespel, Brandon Bassham, Rachel Mason, Mike Kelton, Paul Laudiero, Rachel Rosenthal, Pat Shay, Chris Aurilio, Armando Diaz, and Casey Jost.

Sketch Comedy- The Season Two Show
Theater- St. Fortune Collective

For more info, visit my website.

Stefan Hartmann

Stefan is a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

Pierre Reboul

Pierre is an improviser, writer, and studmuffin from New York City.

Rich Rosario

Rich is a writer, producer, and performer living in New York. Rich started improvising with Asinine Sketch and Improv Comedy at Boston College back in 2005. He has since studied improvisation at the UCB Theatre and Magnet Theater under some seriously funny people: Rick Andrews, Brandon Gardner, Ryan Karels, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, Doug Moe, Morgan Grace Jarrett, Brandon Scott Jones, Gavin Speiller, Kate Spencer, and Ari Voukydis.

He’s also studied the 4 Track form with Christian Capozzoli, Krompf with Amey Goerlich, and sketch writing with Kerry McGuire, Damian Chadwick, and Geoff Garlock.

Twitter: @theRichet
Funnies: Richet Comedy
Website: HeresRichRosario.com.

Joseph Sudol

Joseph, is a New York based actor of both the stage and screen. Working as a staged improvisor has been the center of his performance passion. Trained at the prestigious, Upright Citizen’s Brigaide theater in NYC, Joseph has had the fortune of being inspired by some of the best and most established professionals in the game. Joseph can be seen regularly at the Queen’s Secret Improv Club (Q.S.I.C.) in Long Island City’s up and coming improv scene. You can catch him perform along side 8 other talented improvisors (who also love their mothers) every Thursday for the weekly “2X4” show on house team MOM.

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