FIVE things I learned watching Star Wars the Force Awakens

1) Hate for the Nazis still works as a primary motivation for Science Fiction

While it seems more hokey and 2 dimensional as I get older, I am OK with this on going theme behind the Empire and now the First Order. No shortage of politics in these films. We always have a strong message of respecting the past, just not the tyrannical crap we try to leave in the past.

2) I still get chills and have to give a standing O when I hear that first chord and see the STAR WARS logo hit the screen.

Although I do miss the 20th Century Fox fanfare than many 1970s kids like myself was exclusive to Star Wars movies and part of that score. And even old Han and Leia brings tears thanks to their theme by John Williams.

3) I am OK with random plot functions.

The Millennium Falcon was conveniently found under wraps at the junk yard on Jakku as Rey and Finn flee the Storm Troopers. Of course they run right into Han Solo and Chewie. FATE? Or we need to cut 30 minutes out of the script?

4) The bigger they are the easier they fall.

The First Order is doing the best they can with their scrapped together left overs of the Empire and flawed science. Bad enough it is far to easy to destroy, no one worries about gravity vacuum created by draining all the energy of a star every time they fire.


Have to watch the movie to know what I mean!!! Same reason why i cry at the end of this video



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