Improv 4 Kids adds shows and a FREE workshop February 2016

Improv 4 Kids adds shows and a FREE workshop February 2016

Improv 4 Kids presents public shows every Saturday at 3pm at the Broadway Comedy Club (318 west 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019). The cast will be adding a show Tuesday February 16 at 3pm and offering a free workshop for families at 1:30 the same day. Tickets to the interactive musical comedy shows run $25-45 (via Ovationtix 866-811-4111). More information at

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Improv 4 Kids


Improv 4 Kids regularly adds shows to its calendar for holidays and group requests. Since 2004 over 4500 audiences have raved about the hilarious comedy scenes and songs based on audience participation and suggestions.

On February 16, 2016, founder Walt Frasier will present an open house workshop for families at 1:30. $20 at the door, the workshop is totally FREE to anyone with tickets to the 3pm show that afternoon. The workshop is fun in and of itself, but also serves as a great introduction to the numerous programs offered, including weekly classes for kids, teens and adults all at the Broadway Comedy Club.

The show opens with the MC warming up the crowd before jumping into the opening song, usually a madrigal about today’s hottest news topics – sports, TV, movies etc. Kids even love to hear comedy songs about Donald Trump. The entire show is based on suggestions with the MC interacting with the audience every 3-5 minutes. Many games include audience on stage with kids and parents helping the cast create funny scenes. The end result is a fast paced off Broadway musical comedy revue that just happens to be improvised on the spot. So funny and on point, many question whether the show is actually improvised. It is, the cast is just that good.


In addition to the public shows, the cast hosts student/family groups from schools, camps and community centers daily for educational field trips. Improv Shows and Workshops are used to teach valuable skills – creativity (critical thinking, writing), community (team, respect, listening, focus), and leadership (public speaking, self confidence).


Improv 4 Kids regularly travels to schools, camps and other programs with its educational outreach. The shows are always entertaining for Assemblies, After School, PTA Nights, Fundraisers and other educational/family events. Paired with our study guides and workshops, the programs are amazing educational tools for Cultural Arts (Music & Theater), Language Arts (Story Telling, Public Speaking) and Character Building (Anti-Bully, Self Respect, Self-Confidence).


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