Professional Development for Teachers (NYC DOE VENDOR)

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Every school has Professional Development programs. Improv would be the perfect fit in any school.

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Our programs serve both as amazing team building for the community of teachers and staff as well as teaching useful games one could use in the class room.

We use Improv almost weekly – both shows and workshops – too bring corporate teams together like never before. Laughing together alone tears down walls. Working together to create scenes and stories builds connections line no other program.

In addition to teachers and students, we have presented these programs for accountants (US Medicare in NYC, Philly and Baltimore), financial services (Morgan Stanley, Master Card, AMEX, JP Morgan, BAML), Sales (Louis Vuitton) Marketin (Twitter) and customer service (100s of smaller firms).

Best PD story ever? During lunch, and after a 2-hour program at Preparatory Academy for Writers – Springfield Gardens Queens NY – the Principal said to me, “See those two? They hate each other, or so I thought. Now they are talking about new programming and laughing. I call that a success!”

Teachers can use Improv in the classroom.

  • Improv warm-up games bring the community of your classes together.
  • Fun games break down walls of stress and insecurity
  • Improv teaches public speaking, creative writing, critical thinking
  • Improv builds strong self esteem.
  • Use Improv to role play characters from a book or play. Role play historical figures and scientists. Improv also can help in math by de-stressing students and developing critical thinking.

PROGRAMS / RATES – No additional travel costs for NYC and surrounding counties.

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ONE teaching artist can work with up to 30 teachers although under 30 recommended. For $300 the teaching artist can spend up to 2 hours running warm-up, technique and performance games. The artists give pointers along the way on how to use each game in their classrooms.

We can also host small groups at our Times Square theater. Time for the teachers to get a field trip!


We always recommend sticking with a simple Improv Workshop for the first go around. HOWEVER, for the second PD of the year, we can use ROLE PLAY and Team Break outs to create Improv and even original sketches/skits that demonstrate problems teachers face. Especially when discussing communicating with students, parents, other teachers and ADMIN.


FOUR teaching artists perform a short show to demonstrate the art. Each teaching artist leads a workshop with 20-30 teachers. $1000 for the 2-hours


This program works best when we can introduce the program to both teachers and students.

  • Our cast performs shows for the entire school.
  • The performers breakout to teach students a short Intro to Improv Class
  • Includes Professional Development Session

$1500/DAY (four 45-60 minute sessions) Full team
$6000/WEEK (20   45-60 minute sessions) Full team
$500/Day (four 45-60 minute sessions)  1 teaching artist
$1500/WEEK (20   45-60 minute sessions)  1 teaching artists

BLOCK BOOKING – Team up with other schools for the 1-week discount: JUST $1200/day – $300/show/workshop session with 4 teaching artists for 5 days.


Book early and take additional 10% off all bookings before Columbus Day 2016






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