#IMWITHHER Comedy Blitz Fundraiser – Support a great cause and see a great show!

#IMWITHHER Comedy Blitz Fundraiser – Support a great cause and see a great show!

Buy tickets TODAY Saturday November 5th via these unique links and $10 will be donated to helping get Hillary Clinton elected along with a Senate and Congress that actually wants to help move country forward and do their job. Unwind with some comedy knowing you have done your part. Buy tickets today for any show through 12/31/2016. Save $5 ($25 at the door) AND $10 will be donated to DNC get out the vote efforts.

  • STAND-UP COMEDY at the BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB – 7 nights/week.
  • IMPROV COMEDY including 3pm family friendly weekend matinees, On the Spot, happy hour and more
  • Breakfast with Santa – Meet the big guy in red, enjoy continental Breakfast and an Improv Comedy show by the Elves. Oh, and Santa leads the crowd in some caroling too!
  • Click above links. Select show time/date you wish to attend. Select #IMWITHHER options in Blue ($20 discounted tickets) Follow check out procedures. Have fun at the club, buy a few drinks, and cross fingers, toes etc on Tuesday November 8, 2016.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – VOTE!!! Don’t stay at home. Can’t vote, get involved and volunteer to help get out the vote.


#IMWITHHER Comedy Blitz Fundraiser – Support a great cause and see a great show!

Today alone we have an amazing fun Improv show at 3pm, then Stand-up Comedy at 9 & 11pm. Tomorrow similar schedule, except 3pm SOLD OUT for a private Birthday Party. Monday, don’t miss the popular ON THE SPOT.

As an artist with limited resources beyond my talent I always struggle with ways to give back. I cannot give another penny, but with my talents I can help raise awareness and money through hundreds and thousands of supporters. We comics and actors are great at getting attention and our real power lies in driving that attention to a great focus. Help us help the country. At the same time you are helping me put more actors and comics to work.


Also trying to do my part, check out my video series

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