Improv for Team Building Corporations, Schools

Improv Workshops are a series of games. These games are great for training a number of skills and we encourage team leaders to use in meetings to break the ice or get creative juices flowing. The team has so much interactive fun the education is absorbed and far more effective than any class or lecture on the subject.
corporate team building
Warm up, technique and performance games masterclass all hit home with YES AND philosophy. Rather than fall upon the easy answer of NO, we accept all and their ideas. We follow up acceptance with supporting ideas and details. So first and foremost Improv workshops develop positive community communications.
We further tie YES AND into Psychological Safety, the concept proposed by 4 year google study as the number one element of team success. By focusing on team over self and supporting even the weakest link, all thrive individually and the team surpasses expectations.
Further Improv is a fun way to teach self confidence and public speaking. Speaking in public is the number one fear. We have found in corporate and educational settings, reducing and /or removing fear of public interactions, firsts, elimates poor communication, secondly eliminates insecurity and ego. The team learns trust and engages in positive open communication. This redeuces resentments and insecurity, allowing free flowing creativity and productivity.
We instruct that everything we teach requires great leadership. A great team requires management that respects team needs and challenges. A great leader leads by example and promotes psychological safety.
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