Start 2018 with a Smile in the Office. Game Changing Corporate Team Building

Start 2018 with a Smile in the Office. Game Changing Corporate Team Building. Everyone has homework today. Before you even get out of bed, SMILE!

Start 2018 with a Smile in the Office. Game Changing Corporate Team Building

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THERE’s MAGIC IN A SMILE: Neuropeptides are tiny molecules that allow neurons to communicate. They facilitate messaging to the whole body when we are happy, sad, angry, depressed, excited. The feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when a smile flashes across your face as well.

We have a cat. This cat is very territorial about the house. If you have a cat you know what I mean when I say, while I pay the mortgage, the house belongs to the cat.

Recently a cat has started popping on to our back deck. This cat is freezing. Afraid to create a collection of strays I resisted giving the cat food. With the wave of extreme cold and snow, the heart won over. I put a box under the deck and from time to time a can or hand full of dry food.

My cat is furious. Every look and hiss I get says “How dare you entertain this stranger that intrudes upon my home?”


How often do cats and untrained dogs attack the stranger? I am convinced being a good neighbor is not the natural instinct of mammals. Survival in some cases requires prides, colonies and herds form. But watch out when two prides collide.


Being a great team member is not the easy choice. It goes against a lot of instinct. Insecurity, ego, ambition, and out right social anxiety seem more natural.

How often will one use this argument for their despicable behavior? “It’s human nature.”

It is the nature of mammals to fear the unknown, lashing out of fear at strangers, running from fire and other natural forces.

It is human nature to overcome our instincts and fears, form bonds for sake of survival and personal advancement. Humans have learned over thousands of years the benefits of team. Great strides forward only happen when we fight our fear of the unknown.


Being negative is just as easy. Waking up with a smile every day takes initiative. It requires a conscious effort.

Every student in the last year has heard me say, “Now that you have taken my Improv class, I consider you professional comedians.” It is YOUR job to wake up with a smile. It is our job to make the rest of the world smile and laugh. Waiting for the world to make you happy lets you down too often. Making the world a better place one smile and deed at a time enriches self as much or more the folks you help.

Deepak Chopra says the physical activity of faking a smile tricks the brain into thinking you are happy, which releases all the happy stuff.

So we do not have too wait for someone or something else to make us smile. JUST SMILE.

Otherwise is to be lazy and perhaps even self-destructive.


Similarly great communication is not the easy choice, but we are not ants. A great team requires great communication. We cannot mindlessly carry out the tasks of an office queen.

Team leaders need to clearly state  objectives and expectations, team mates need to clearly identify their task and continue to communicate with various divisions and team members to collectively complete a task.


“YES! AND…” is philosophy number one in improvisation.

Together our Improv Workshops and Shows bring the entire team together. The laughter alone breaks down walls of insecurity and ego.

Improv teaches self confidence. By building trust in your self, you become more open to trusting others.

Improv teaches public speaking. We become more comfortable speaking in a group think tank because we trust our own skills as a speaker.

Improv teaches team. Every thing about Improv is putting more importance on listening to our team and respecting their choices, then worrying about our own. At it’s core Improv is about trusting our own talents with out fear of failure or worry about how others see us. We are so focused on our team mates that ideas just freely flow from our brains. We tap into memories and skills we forgot we had. We let lose of our conscious mind’s tight grip and the full power of the subconscious comes to bear.

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In the past 10 years, Walt Frasier has hosted corporate teams from JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, BDO, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Coach, BMW, BING/Microsoft, Ernst & Young, GM, Kraft, AMEX, Master Card, Edy’s Grande Ice Cream, Edible Arrangements,  and 100s more smaller firms. We host at our Times Square theater and tour nationwide.

EMAIL for for more information about booking shows, workshops and holiday events.

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