Summer Shows & Workshops for New York Area camps

Summer Shows & Workshops for New York Area camps – field trips to Times Square and Touring Company visiting your camp, library, community center and parks & rec. 

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Summer Shows & Workshops

Summer Shows

Bring your student group to our Times Square / Columbus circle Area Theater. We often have two cast operating in two theaters simultaneously. Every show features 60-70 minutes of interactive musical comedy. Each show consists of 3-4 musical numbers alternating with 3-4 audience interactive games, where students are invited on stage to help steer the comedy direction. Every 5 minutes our MC asks for suggestions from the audience to inspire the next scene or song.

Paired with a workshop the program is exponentially more powerful. In addition to being great cultural arts exposure and a ton of fun, students learn public speaking, self-confidence, creative writing and critical thinking and valuable team skills – listening, respect, eye contact etc. the workshop is similar to the program we offer corporate teams.

We offer student groups extra time to eat lunch right in the theater or you can choose our Pizza Party Option, which includes beverage (Usually bottled water but soda/juice can also be served upon request).


Student rate $12 (reg $25, min 40/$480 to add show to the calendar)
Add Workshop $5/student
Add Pizza Party $8/Student


We also send shows and workshops nationwide. We even have teachers running residencies at various camps in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island.

Shows are great for private use at camps and schools, or for public entertainment schedules at theaters, libraries and community centers.

EMAIL now for private events and group sale requests


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