UNIQUE BAR / BAT MITZVAH ideas Improv Comedy Shows

How many Bar/Bat Mitzvahs will you attend in the next year alone? We have been part of a growing trend to do something different for special birthday celebrations.

Improv comedy presents a high impact and low cost option for your Bar / Bat Mitzvah plans. Improv is the perfect event for any theatrical preteen about to cross over.

EMAIL us to get more info on how to make your event uniquely special.


Every event we do is unique but basically falls into one of the following categories…

  • Short show for kids & teens while the adults enjoy cocktail hour
  • Short workshop while adults enjoy cocktail hour
  • Short show for ALL as a bridge between meal and dancing
  • MAIN EVENT where the show is the thing turning any room into a comedy club/theater.
  • Doing the entire event at the Comedy Club in Times Square as a theme event.

If your child loves theater and/or comedy Improv is a must. Unlike stand-up comedy, Improv is all about community never making jokes at the expense of another. Improv will always deliver the laughs without ever delivering that disapproving email from that over sensitive “friend”.


September 2019 Event in Reading PA where entire hotel ball room was turned into a comedy club with low cost curtains and fake brick panel dressing a portable stage. (We do not have photos of these shows and workshops to protect client privacy)

The cast improvised songs and scenes on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation.

Our Improv shows have played 100 of Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Teen Nights, Fundraisers and other temple events. We have worked closely with YACHAD, various Yeshiva schools and other organizations over the years. We know the rules for orthodox and conservative events as needed.

We have played high end country club events and hosted casual lunch and show events at our own comedy club. The talent pool includes artists from Broadway tours, off-Broadway, TV and Film.

The cast shows plays 100s of shows every year at K12 schools and corporate events, equally appealing to a wide variety of audience ages and demographic.

It is our contention that few other programs will leave a larger impact on your guests’ experience with a such a small impact on your budget.

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