FREE IMPROV CLASS Saturday 1/19 10am Adults 12pm Kids

We are 3 weeks into our Winter Class Sessions. Come be our guest and audit the programs.

Saturday January 19, 2019 QUICK LINKS – to attend free class, click links and register via event page instructions.

Saturdays 10am Adult Improv Class

pictured: Instagram photo form January 12 class

This class has been growing strong since Fall 2017. It is an open jam session where professional from many career paths come together to play. We have an amazing roster of regular students, but we have room for more.


We are all about creating a safe place fr folks to play. While playing games, you will learn more about Improv comedy performance. More importantly you will learn valuable techniques we teach corporate groups to develop better team, management, sales and customer service.

Why Improv with NYIT

All Improv is valuable training. We take pride in really focusing on that safe space to play thing. Here is why….

In 2015 GOOGLE released a study on WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEAM. In Project Aristotle. Their 4-year study determined that the #1 factor behind a successful team was PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY. Simply put, simply by making the team feel welcome and safe, they produced more. Folks WANT to producer for you when they feel respected and safe.

We have discovered through our work with both stressed out inner city
and special needs students, even a single session of Improv, where they feel safe to open up and share, changes the game.

Fear of public speaking and social interaction anxiety my not debilitate all, But more folks are held back by these insecurities than not. In some we have an intense fear of failure.

Improv teaches us to trust ourselves. We learn to stop listening to the voice that says “we are not good enough”. We learn to stop putting ourselves in a box.

The second we let go of that voice of ego and insecurity, we tap into deeper focus and thought. We stop trying to think of something to say, and we allow our genius to flow. The mind that judges ourselves or other inhibits our greatest mental talents.


Saturdays NOON Improv 4 Kids

We have been offering Improv 4 Kids class Saturdays at noon since 2011. Now all of our kids have grown up and are taking the teen class. So we have room for a few new students. Give it a shot.

We offer 8-week programs every Winter, Spring and Fall.
This summer we are running 8-weeks of camp.

Our classes for kids & teens include a section in stand-up comedy. We take stories of personal observation and experience and craft original comedy routines.

Combining the Improv and Stand-up delivers a wider range of skills.

Every 8-week program and Summer Camp includes a performance fr friends and family.

We also offer families of our students free tickets to our weekly shows Saturdays/Sundays at 3pm


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