Small Event Improv Comedy – Intimate Shows for Living Rooms, Restaurants…

We have performed for major corporate events of 200+ guests. We have even performed at a few broadway style theaters (mostly colleges) for 500+ guests. But Improv works best as an intimate art form.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party, bachelorette party or small event at tour home for your executive team, we have a perfect entertainment for you. We have performed for as few as 5 guests in the tiniest of New York apartments. 

Email for more information regarding private events or grouo sales at public shows and classes

Recent events for BDO, BING, JP Morgan Chase. Other recent clients include Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Master Card and dozens of smaller firms.

Pictures above are from corporate team building events at our smaller 50-seat theater in midtown Manhattan. To protect client privacy we do not have photos from smaller events.

Our small venue/event show has played holiday parties at the home of team leaders and executive VP.

We have also played the small event rooms at THE PALM (Wall Street and Midtown) as well as office conference rooms.

The show has also played birthdays, bachelorette parties, baby showers, family reunions and more.

Starting as low as $600 for a 45-minute (plus travel if out of NYC), 3 top performers stroll in like minstrels of yore, guitar in hand. No set up required, no sound system.

After a brief hello and intro, warming up crowd for an interactive show, the team breaks into song. Every 5 minutes the team asks your guests for suggestions for the nexg games (scene or song). The 45 minute show will have 3 songs and 3-4 games inviting audience participation.

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