Great Mime Work – Improv Comedy 101

I just stumbled onto this on Instagram.

Love this artist!!!

Learning mime work may seem dated but the control needed to perform this piece would be valuable to any actor/comic.

Watch how he gives the balloon qualities. Weight, elasticity, spring action….

Using amazing core control, his performance endows these qualities into the balloon.

Study the work.

Study real life. Study the mundane.

Use pantomime to bring reality to your work.

Creating business (minute activities) fills our times and space and gives realism to our who and where.

Observe the beats of his performance. Mime work is a series of beats, aka STOPS. The entire body stops, usually with a lift. A breath. Your entire being takes in that moment. See it, hear it, smell it, taste it,  feel it.

Don’t rush your stops. Take time observing and interacting… reacting.

Add some tude… how do feel about the things you create.

In rehearsal and performance, experiment with pantomime and see your work expand in many directions.





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