New Online Comedy Class Session starts tomorrow

Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!

Use links to sign up for your first online class time. We will immediately work out a schedule for your class and private coaching times.

Quick Links

$40/week $75/FOUR WEEKS includes

  • UNLIMITED use of online resources – videos, study guides and blogs
  • TWO online class sessions hosted on ZOOM (40- 60 minutes each).
  • Additional online private coaching sessions (10-minute each)
  • We welcome you to create your own online videos on your finished work for various social media platforms. We will share them on our network. Simply send us a link.
  • When the plague subsides, we will invite students to our public showcases in New York City, where we will resume weekly classes and comedy camps.

Intoduction to Stand Up Comedy

Watch video after completing registration. We welcome all to use our online resources in their teaching. Comedy is an amazing way to teach creative writing, public speaking, and more. We will include Improv comedy in our classes as well.

Before First Stand Up Comedy Session

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Ideas” then watch the next video.

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