ONLINE IMPROV GAMES – How to play Objections online

We have been running shows and classes online now for four weeks. It’s been great just to get together and share some laughs but it has been challenging adopting games to the ZOOM platform.

Our classes started off doing stand-up comedy as we figured out the Improv thing. Slowly we have returned to Improv more and more.

While different, the online platform’s challenges have also been a huge factor in forcing GREAT story telling and communication techniques. In order to navigate the medium, here are a few changes in games we play to adopt online.

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A favorite with our students, we don’t play this game often in our public professional shows. However, Objections is perfectly suited for the online medium.


If you have never played the game at all, read this first for a point of reference. and the general gist of how to play Objections.

Objections is great because the entire cast can play at once. One player is the judge. The others are lawyers. The audience is the jury. Get a topic to debate – the more unimportant the better. Coke v Pepsi etc.

Player one presents their open argument.

After a few moments, another player yells “OBJECTION!”. After th ejudge accepts your interruption (wait for the acknowledgement in case two or more players object at the same time). This player presents their issue with the previous statement (NEVER a question in Objections).

The JUDGE responds “SUSTAINED” or “OVERRULED”. (Judge, Insert funny comment here)

  • SUSTAINED means the objection is accepted and the new player takes the floor (Downstage center).
  • OVERRULED means the objection is rejected. The first player proceeds with their argument.

Present your arguments to the audience – the jury.

Present your objections to the judge.

Players/ lawyers can NEVER argue with each other OR with the judge’s rulings. We pretend to be upset when our arguments are rejected, but remember, this is not real. The goal is civil debate.

We usually time the game. The winner is the last one standing at 3 minutes.

Again, remember, this is not real, the point is not to win the game.

ALSO, this is a SCENE. We are not really trying to win. We are trying to make ridiculous arguments, life and death levels, about VERY mundane topics. HAVE FUN!


The spirit of the game is similar, but after playing this a few times online, we realized we needed to simplify the process. On ZOOM if 2 or more people talk at once, the sound gets garbled.

So we have removed the sustained/overruled element of the game.

Instead, when you say OBJECTION, the judge acknowledges you, and you just take it.

The pace of the game actually picks up quite a bit this way.

We should never talk on top of each other, when on stage, but that is even more important here. When you want to yell, OBJECTIONS, wait for a breath in the speaker’s monologue.

You can also just raise your hand and the judge will call on you.

Remember NOT to wait for the judge to OK your objection. Keep talking until someone objects.

Watch the cast play the game here in a recent show by the professional cast for a family audience.

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