Comedy Camp off to Amazing Start ONLINE Thru Sept 3

  • Sign up for ONE Week ($225), 1/2 day ($150/week) or $700 for FOUR weeks
    ONLINE NOW THRU Sept 3, 2020 
  • Teens – East Coast online 9:30-4
  • Teens – West Coast online 9:30-4
  • Kids – East Coast online 9:30-4
  • Kids – West Coast online 9:30-4
  • Additional Weekly Classes available NOW Drop in a 5pm class (2pm PST) for just $25 or $75 for FOUR classes
  • Comedy 4 Teens weekly classes (NYC times but available worldwide)
  • Comedy 4 Kids weekly online classes (NYC times but available worldwide)

Walt Frasier welcomes all, imparts dome wisdom, and leads a journal writing exercise designed to help brainstorm ideas, develop details and flesh out the funny for original comedy routines. 

Andrea leads entire camp in stretches and movement training in acting, mime and even a little dance. We learn how to let go of tension, breathe deeper, and use our full bodies to create characters, emotional performances and more. 

11am Improv Class
We break into smaller rooms to play games, learning how to start a scene, develop characters, settings and plot (WHO WHERE WHAT), and embracing YES AND.. team work. 

12pm Open mic for half day students, lunch break and most students hang out to play a round of Mafia

9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST daily Welcome for West Coast Campers and Afternoon half day east coasters.

10am PST / 1pm EST Musical Comedy
Ryan teaches breathing, vocal support, singing technique and musical improv comedy. This week we are focusing on the blues. 

11am PST / 2pm EST Open Mic
This is a mock stand-up comedy show. Students share their comedy routines – jokes and stories. Before performing, students continue preparing their work, using our worksheets and working off of notes from previous performance. After 2-3 minutes of sharing comedy, students receive some basic notes and continue working on the fleshing out of ideas and adding the funny for next time. 

Monday – Brainstorm Ideas
Tuesday – Brainstorm Details
Wednesday – Find the Funny
Thursday – Outline Your Routine

12pm PST / 3pm EST FUN TIME
Monday Comedy Show for all ages by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. All campers and their families invited to come be a part of the interactive musical comedy show, featuring some of your teachers. 
Tuesday / Wednesday Mafia and other bonding games run by TeenTerns
Thursday – TeenTerns perform a show

See descriptions from East Coast Morning block above.
1pm PST / 4pm EST West Coast Lunch Break
2pm PST / 5pm EST Improv Comedy 
3:15pm PST / 6:15pm EST Movemnet Class

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