New Book & Virtual Residency Program NYC, Available Worldwide

Comedy Workshops deliver tons of much needed fun and laughs to students grades 3-12 while teaching valuable life lessons – creative writing, public speaking, self-confidence and more. Use our teachers for master classes, residencies or simply create your own curriculum using our nee book. EMAIL today with any questions about shows, workshops, residencies and professional development for teachers.

We have been delivering comedy shows and workshops since 2002. Now online for the near future, the edutainment continues. In addition to our public programming for kids and teens, we are working with numerous schools and community centers at a fraction of the cost for our live events the past 18 years.

Above is a picture of our morning warm ups at comedy camp. We ran ten weeks of camp this summer. Let’s make school fun and bring these programs to your students. Our public programs combine stand-up and improv comedy.


We are actually more famous for our Improv comedy programs. Walt Frasier previously served as the director of instruction for the Comedy Hall of Fame and currently works with Arts Horizons. Our Improv 4 Kids program has performed for 5000+ K12 audiences since 2003 and thousands of students have taken our classes and workshops.

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