Nathan Armstrong created this first game Saturday 9/12. He created the latter option earlier this summer. Nathan hosts every Saturday 8pm show as well as Monday Night 8pm ON THE SPOT.

We recently published the book IMPROV on ZOOM. Geared towards a younger audience this game probably would not have made the cut. But the book also released two weeks before this games creation.


We have played a traditional dating game in the past.

In this version, one player, as demonstrated by Amelia Fowler above, is someone perusing a dating app. Unlike the apps, these pages are a bit more interactive, taking on the speed dating quality. Other players enter as various characters looking for love.


This show is driven by a player in the role of radio DJ, demonstrated above by Pat Reidy. MC gets a generic topic for the call in show. The DJ introduces the show and then takes calls from the characters created by the other players.

Both of the above games were created after 100s of shows on ZOOM and 1000s of classroom hours.

Come be a part of the show!


We are very excited to move to a subscription style service for online classes to maximize the value to our students and their parents. Get unlimited access to FOUR WEEKS of classes for just $125. Select the date/time of the first class you wish to attend. See below for current class offerings. Not ready to commit? You can sign up for ONE class for $25. FOUR classes for $75. ZOOM links sent after registration.

RADIO CALL IN SHOW is one of many games found in IMPROV on ZOOM.

  • Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Fraser is a text book for comics and teachers looking to bring fun creative writing sections into the classroom.
  • Improv on Zoom by Walt Frasier is a list of games with tips and tricks to play online as well as Improv technique and wisdom.
  • Both books are now available via Kindle and Paperback on Amazon. Coming soon to Audible
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