Using Improvisation to Foster Discussion and Translating the Experience to Online Learning

“…it may not be surprising to hear that simply moving to a seminar structure did not trigger deep and meaningful conversations about thermodynamics. What did help trigger these conversations was doing improvisational exercises at the start of class. ” Erin Lavik click here to read full article!

Using Improvisation to Foster Discussion and Translating the Experience to Online Learning

This is the second article by Erin Lavik that popped into my suggested reading by Google this week. When I shared the first we started following each other on Twitter.

We have been teaching Improv in k12 schools since 2003, first as workshops, then eventually as residencies in classes and after school programming. I scramble to write this blog post before starting an online residency, two classes every Wednesday for a Trenton charter school.

In that same time we have worked with dozens of corporate teams, using improv to teach team building, leadership, sales and service. Clients report back the most engaging discussions following the improv experience. Many groups use the improv to help form new teams, breaking the ice.

We teach teachers and corporate team leaders to use Improv in their classrooms and meetings. Even just a quick 2-5 minute experience warming up the collective focus and creative juices with a ZIP ZAP ZUP will make the rest of the hour far more valuable.

Utilizing “YES! And…” skills throughout the meeting will Foster deeper discussion and discovery.

I am excited to find the world of science embracing these tools.

Growing up I remember hearing my mom complain about boring holiday parties with my father’s actuary friends.

A few years ago I ran a workshop with accounting interns, fresh out of college.

In both cases, the issue was poor communication skills.

Improv brings out the best of us. It does not turn introverts into extroverts. But it does allow introverts to express themselves, without fear. Simultaneously it gives extroverts much needed focus. Improv brings all personality types to a central point if reference that allows all to bloom.

If you are a teacher or team leader, take improv classes. Bring improv workshops into your classroom and team setting. Remote learning and work will be with us at least the next year as we get covid under control, however, corporate trends look to remote teams beyond the current timing.

For the last ten years the biggest question posed to us was “How can we use Improv with our team scattered around the world meeting via online platforms?”

We started online classes immediately in March. We have now performed 100+ shows and logged 1000s of teaching hours. We now have those answers.

It took a few weeks, and we are still relearning as we go, but Improvisation will help you, your students and/or your team navigate this new world of online learning and remote work.

Sign up for our entry level classes (email me for more advanced work or to book private workshops and residencies)

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