January Improv Comedy Classes by Samuel Van Wyk

  • Wednesday 8pm Advanced Improv Techniques: 201 level work, have a ton of fun playing games used to develop higher competency in making great offers, developing characters, story and more.
  • Saturday 2pm Long Form Improv Styles: 301 Level work, each week, learn new styles of Long Form Improv comedy, develop techniques to sustain an extended improvised show from a single launching point.
Improv Comedy Classes

These classes are designed to go past improv basics. Through different drills, exercises and games, we’ll strengthen your improv skills. We’ll focus on improv techniques that will help you build richer characters, make stronger initiations, and raise the stakes of your scene work by making more dynamic choices.

Beyond great Improv training, these classes develop better skills for all performers as well as other professions. Improv is great for any professional looking to get ahead. Develop both better team and leadership skills, thinking out of the box, building confidence in self while learning to trust others.

ZOOM Links shared after registration.

TOTALLY NEW TO IMPROV you might find these courses intimidating. Drop by one our jam sessions and learn about classes for ALL LEVELS – CLICK HERE for 1010 level work

Do you prefer Stand-Up Comedy CLICK HERE

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