Long Form Improv Comedy Saturdays 2pm March 6, 13, 20, 27 Samuel Van Wyk

Long Form Improv Comedy

  • Saturdays 2pm
  • March 6, 13, 20, 27
  • Rate $75
  • Intermediate level work, however you do not need to have past experience with our school to enroll.
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Samuel Van Wyk introduces students to various Long Form Styles and techniques to sustain characters and stories long past the short form games most people know from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. Some experience required. Total beginners may find this class a bit overwhelming.

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Samuel Van Wyk

MC, Teacher, Corporate Event Specialist. Member of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH since 2017.Sam is a versatile actor based in New York City. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Since moving to New York, he trained with the famous Upward Citizen’s Brigade Theatre where he completed their full curriculum in improvisation and sketch writing. With this training he has worked professionally as an improvisor in short form, long form, and interactive theatre. He has also lead hundreds of classes and workshops from kindergartners to senior executives. Additional credits include regional theater, commercials, and indy films.


There are so many more but here are a few Sam might work on from week to week.


This is a long form, named after its creator, Chicago Improv teacher and player Armando Diaz. This improv format starts with a storytelling-style monologue, based on an audience suggestion. After the monologue, players play improvised scenes inspired by the monologue, and the monologue may even continue, later on in the performance.


The name is based on a novel by Arthur Schnitzler, called Traumnovelle. The format is fairly simple: we play scenes in which at every scene switch, the `oldest` character disappears and a new scene is played with the remaining character, and a new one. The form ends when the circle closes and the last and first characters do a scene.


Players create a single narrative from a single suggestion.


One player starts a solo scene. One by one as each player enters, they pull all current players into a new narrative. Enter making a strong choice of WHO & WHERE to set the new tone. Once every player has joined, start pealing the layers one by one, reverting to the previous scenes. The game ends with the original player left alone once more.


This is a long form format, in which the (location of the) scene may only change when a character leaves the scene and enters a different one. This is inspired by the movie Slacker, where the camera follows a character.

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