TWO NEW GAMES based upon Dr. Seuss Rhyme Schemes

Two weeks ago we debuted two new games in our classes and live show in Times Square. I am most certain this has been played at some point in the past by someone somewhere, but cannot find a description ANYWHERE online or in Improv books. So far it has been a huge it in either of the forms below.

Both games are based on a series of rhyming couplets.

WARM-UP: Dr. Seuss Story Game

Standing in a circle (or establish an order on ZOOM), each player adds two lines to a circle, the second line rhyming with the first.


Perform a scene speaking in rhyming couplets. Each player sets self up for a rhyme.


Take turns finishing each other’s rhyme. The first person to speak in the story or scene game says only ONE line. The next player provides the follow up rhyme closing the previous player’s set up. THEN that player set’s up the next rhyme.


For both of the above remember to not let the gimmick of the game mess up your Improv work. Story and YES AND… are more important than any gimmick. Establish WHO WHERE WHAT. LISTEN & RESPOND.

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