Corporate Team Building: Times Square NYC, Online & Touring Nationwide

Corporate Team Building: Times Square NYC, Online & Touring Nationwide: Bring much needed laughter to your crew.

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Corporate Team Building with improv Comedy

Improv Comedy Workshops use a series of theater games to develop both individual and team skills.

It all starts with our #1 rule.

HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.

– Walt Frasier, Artistic Director

The teams learns “YES! And…”, the #1 rule in Improv. Saying no is the lazy, insecure choice. Say NO enough times and the team shuts down, individuals stop contributing. How many brilliant ideas are shut down before ever given a chance?

We briefly discuss Google’s four year study into team success. Project Aristotle deduced PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY is the #1 factor. “YES! And…” In improv is Psychological Safety. We learn to accept our teammates, their ideas, their offers. The second part, “AND” also reflects performance drive. We rise to the occasion and support the team with our work effort.

Listening, the #1 skill in Improv, or life for that matter. Playing a few simple games that focus on passing words, imaginary objects and stories around the circle.

Laughter now helps break down walls while building trust. Laughter alone reduces stress, blood pressure and anxiety, building cardiopulmonary activity.

Doing creative activities turns off the fear center of our brains.

Over the course of 60-120 minutes, each teams develops creativity, community and leadership skills – critical thinking, creative writing / story telling, self confidence, presentation skills, and even empathy.

These skills all build better team, as well as leaders, sales and service talents.

Increase the Laughter with a Show

Pair with an interactive show to keep the laughs going. Our off-broadway production is a huge hit for holiday/office parties.

Our Times Square NYC theater is a blast, but we can stage the show anywhere.

A few weeks back we performed a massive show at Long Island’s 500-seat Argyle Theater. Many colleges host us at their main stage/ Broadway style auditoriums. Also major ball rooms at hotels and conference centers have been a huge success (however we do prefer to avoid banquet rounds – terrible for audience focus in general and spreading contagious laughter).

Conversely we have performed many salon style shows at The Palm, small to medium conference rooms and even the living room of a VP for a major financial institution.

There was that one amazing night at Mr. Ks private wine cellar for Bloomberg Hedge Fund Managers.

Every show is customize to your team, as each skit and song is improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. No two shows are ever the same!

Our team has traveled as far as Orlando, Nebraska and Maine. Actually we did send a team to Jamaica (not Queens lol), but that was before 2008. Happy to do that anytime.

Online Shows and Workshops

We’ve performed, just since March 2020, 200+ shows and logged 2000+ class hours via zoom, most as private events for corporate clients.

Many if these shows and classes have brought teams from around the world together at a single time.

We thought we would be done with online programming by now, but we already have four virtual Corporate shows scheduled for September.

JP Morgan Chase, 2019
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