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We have been back live since April 10, offering shows, classes and private events (shows, workshops, residencies. (THE ORIGINAL) Improv 4 Kids has been touring K12 schools, camps, military bases and private events nationwide since 2003, In the past decade 400-500 shows / year for K12/family audiences. At our Times Square NYC theater, we host K12 field trips during school hours and student groups from around the world at our evening and weekend shows.

Improv 4 Kids
Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens hosts field trips at our Times Square theater and tours Schools, Camps, Community Centers and private events nationwide.

Of course starting March 2020 this all went online. We logged 4000+ hours online with shows and classes in the past 18 months. In September 2020 Walt Frasier published the book, Improv on Zoom.

While we love and prefer in person performances and classes, Virtual does offer some interesting advantages.

  • Cost: our shows start at $600 plus travel. Online shows now are just $300. Workshops are just $100/hour/teacher, less for residencies.
  • Travel time: we love the commute. No NYC traffic for you lol
  • Reach: we have performed shows to students around the world.
  • Safety: You may feel safe with precautions at school, but many are not travelling. We have a fully vaccinated cast and special CDC approved filters at the Times Square theater, but many are uncomfortable getting on a plane, bus or subway.
  • Quality: Work with top New York talent, with TV and NYC theater credits, anywhere in the world. A service that would cost $1000s to come to NYC or bring us to you in California, Florida etc.

Why Improv Comedy?

When we first started, having a fun diversion was enough for school assemblies. Exposing students to cultural arts (music, theater, etc). The schools that took a chance on us in those early years all said Improv 4 Kids was the best assembly / field trip they ever had. Many of our clients today started with us as early as 2005.

After the 2008 crash, we learned to help justify every penny to admin. Improv is a valuable resource, teaching creativity, community, and leadership. The program is cultural arts, language arts (story telling, creative writing, public speaking) and character building/guidance (self confidence, anti bully, team/leadership).

We use these same shows and workshops to teach corporate groups team, leadership, sales and service.

But later, we realized that the laughter may be the most valuable tool in our chest. Laughter itself builds community, while breaking down walls of resentment. Laughter reduces stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. Laughter increases cardiopulmonary activity. Fun, creative activity actually turns off the depressive parts of the brain.

Improv on Zoom is available FREE via Amazon KindleUnlimited, or just $7.99 via Amazon Kindle, or paperback.

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