New York Improv Theater: Times Square NYC Comedy School

HAVE FUN! but never at another’s expense – Walt Frasier, Artistic Director of the New York Improv Theater.

Empower yourself using comedy to develop your creativity, community and leadership skills!

Drop by a class this weekend…

We have sessions starting up year round. Many sell out while many allow you to drop in and play to audit our programs. A single comedy class can be a ton of fun and enlightening. A class allows continued growth while sharing much needed laughter.

improv class
Sam Van Wyk works with team from JP MORGAN CHASE


While we love being back live, we continue to offer online programming, including public sessions for kids, teens and adults, corporate team building and more. Online session allow participants form around the world to easily and safely play and in most cases at a huge discount over live in person programming. Remote teams need bonding too!

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