Our Favorite Improv Games: How to Play Interactive Games

At any given show, whether at our off-Broadway public performance in Times Square NYC, or at one of our private events for corporate teams, colleges, families or k12 outreach, this list incorporates some of our favorite Improv Games. Join us for a class to learn how to play, come see one of our shows, or gather a group of friends to play these games in any arena.

Interactive Games

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and our various off-shoots (LMAO Off Broadway, Improv 4 Kids etc

Three Headed Expert

This game can be played with or without an audience volunteer. We invite a guest on stage. Two players explain the game while the MC sets up the audience. The two players plus the guest answer questions from the audience ONE word at a time – aka ONE WORD STORY as a performance game. We wrap the game by having the three headed expert sing a song, still ONE word at a time.

We even play this game in our online shows.

Human Mad Libs (AKA Call ‘Ems, Columns)

“CALL EMs” is a wide variety of games where the players use an audience or other designated performer to fill in the blank when called for. We play this game in two ways.

Before 2020 Quarantine and current social distancing times, we invited 2-4 guests on stage, sitting in the downstage corners, AKA the COLUMNS.

Now we often use the entire audience, so as to limit the number of guests on stage.

In either version, the performers will purposefully draw a blank, point at an audience guest to fill in the blank, repeat what they say and then justify the offer.

The secret to success in this game is to YES! And… the volunteers as much as your scene partner.

Sound Effects

There are a few games that go by this title. We play the interactive version where two audience volunteers are each assigned to one of our players. Guests are instructed to provide sounds based on the words and actions of the players. Players, intern respond to sounds created.

Freeze Frame / Human Slide Show

We have temporarily suspended this audience favorite due to social distancing guidelines.Freeze Frame will return to our line ups soon.

Audience guests and players together form a series of poses. Two of our players narrate the human slide show as an historical slide show or similar.

LMAO IMPROV on tour at Montclaire State University, New Jersey
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