Musical Comedy: How to Play Our Favorite Improv Games

At any given show, whether at our off-Broadway public performance in Times Square NYC, or at one of our private events for corporate teams, colleges, families or k12 outreach, this list incorporates some of our favorite Improv Games. Join us for a class to learn how to play, come see one of our shows, or gather a group of friends to play these games in any arena.

Musical Comedy Improv Games

From day one, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has focused on presenting a musical theater experience. In fact, up until late 2004, the troupe offer more musical parody sketch comedy than actual Improvisation. Now, almost every show offers 3-5 major musical elements. In addition to the games below a show might have musical interludes in games like Film & Theater Styles,


A major highlight of many of our show in the past five years is the improvised mini mock musical. Based on a single word, the cast starts a a pseudo long form style improv scene. The MC and/or musician will call SING IT. The last performer to speak will break into a song based on the last words spoken.

Irish Jig

IRISH JIG is a fun way to open, close or raise the energy mid show. We recommend playing with four singers, however we often played this game with three players, especially at smaller private events.

Jig is unique as an improv game as it splits the ABCB rhyme scheme verses among the players.

A – PLAYER 1 starts the verse
B – PLAYER 2 sets up a rhyme for PLAYER 4
C – PLAYER 3 forwards the story
B – PLAYER 4 rhymes with PLAYER 2

A – PLAYER 1 forwards the story
B – PLAYER 2 sets up a rhyme for PLAYER 4
C – PLAYER 3 forwards the story
B – PLAYER 4 rhymes with PLAYER 2

The chorus is sung twice at the beginning and end but just once in between the verses.

Watch one of our classic Irish Jig vids from youtube.
For pianists/guitarist CLICK HERE for sheet music and video tutorial on playing Irish Jig.


Blues is a distinctly American musical art form that has been a major part of popular music for the last 100+ years. Singing/Playing the blues on any topic is a pure form of Improvisation. There is no one single way to sing/play the blues. Besides the rock ‘n roll vibe our blues invokes, the game allows both the musician and singer a ton of leeway on melody, rhythm and lyric. As you learn to sing the blues, have fun experimenting with your own style.

In this version of the blues we sing a chorus, a hook based on the audience suggestion. Each player takes a verse of two rhyming couplets. A final verse presents a shared verse, with each player taking a line. The Rhyme Scheme is AABB.

A: LINE ONE sets up the verse
A: LINE TWO rhymes with LINE ONE
B: LINE THREE (does NOT rhyme with line one or two)

We recommend learning about the BLUES SCALE and the basic chord patterns of a blues for all musicians and singers. With a few simple tricks you can sound like a pro blues artist.

Here is video of the cat of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH singing the blues. Pianists/Guitarists CLICK HERE to learn how to play the backing music.

Even our students LOVE singing the blues

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