New York Improv Theater: Workshops for k12 Schools, Camps, Community Centers

New York Improv Theater, home of the original Improv 4 Kids, delivers top tier edutainment – shows & workshops for K12 schools, camps and community centers. In the past 18+ years we have presented 5000+ shows for K12 students and family audience while using Improvisation to teach valuable life skills – creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, respect and more. We use these same games to teach corporate groups team building, leadership, sales and service skills.

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  • Check menu links for upcoming public programming, shows and classes for kids, teens and adults in Times Square NYC touring and online.

Workshops and Residencies

We encourage starting with a show to demonstrate the art form and introduce our team. However we often launch into the educational elements out of the gate.

One off workshops pair well with cultural arts, language arts and character building programs – SEL, PARP, etc. Residencies take students one step further, preparing for a potential show and creating student leaders.

Improv Comedy is theater (and often music as well).

Shows are a series of theatrical skits and songs created on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. Classes have the student performing.

Improv is story telling.

At its core, improv is spontaneous creative writing. We create original stories, starting with characters and setting, followed by the action/plot. We reverse engineer Language Arts which allows students to better appreciate and engage in the discovery / discussion of classic literature.

We demystify the creative process, which can be translated into poetry, prose and theatrical writing.

Improv is SEL

Simply playing games builds listening and focus, even empathy. We teach respect and collaboration. We teach public speaking skills. We teach self awareness and confidence.

Students bring these skills into other classes and become leaders in their schools.

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